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Vintage Sequins & Beads

View Collection Ruby White Heart These striking antique French beads were traded into Africa as far back as the 1500's. They're made of two glass layers - a "white heart" underneath the ruby red layer. Buttercup It's in the name! This buttery yellow tribal African glass disc beading is very trendy...

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Gemstones & Diamonds

Diamond Diamonds have been the world's premier status symbol since they were first excavated and used in works of art in India thousands of years ago. The use as a standard for wedding rings is more recent, however. They are believed to have first been used in this way in...

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Wood Beads

Throughout history, these have served as a powerful spiritual symbol. We honor the varying reasons why anyone might need wood beads, by providing quality options at affordable prices. We use natural wood from around the world, including Balsa, Olive, and Sandalwood, for a wide range of colorful and diverse varieties that...

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The History of African Beadwork

The oldest jewelry ever discovered was found in a cave in South Africa and is believed to be over 74,000 years old. This knowledge spread across the continent, and archeological finds in Libya from around 12,000 years ago show the continued mastery of the craft as it evolved throughout the...

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Crafting Beautiful Beads

Because bone is a very easy material to work with, it can be shaped into any number of appealing configurations, such as cylinders, discs, ovals, circles, and longish shapes known as hairpipes. With skill and patience, expert artisans can even carve them into more intricate shapes that can act as...

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