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A Short Cultural History of Tie Dye

Like many things in popular American culture, tie dye had a history before it came to America. Chances are, when someone mentions tie dye, you think of colorful summer camp wear and concert fashion. And though the brightly colored, fluid and patterned style of dying clothing was made popular in the US during the hippie movements in the 1960’s and 1970’s, it has been around since ancient times in China and Japan.
Read on to learn more about the origins of tie dye, and it's current popularity in American fashion.

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The History Behind Raves & Kandi Beads

Raves have long been a mainstay of youth culture. They started in the 80s when scores of young partiers gathered in warehouses to dance and to be together. This continued into the 90s when the raver culture really took off in the U.S. The rave is a dance party that...

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Vinyl en Vogue: From Traditional African Waist Beads to Netflix Fashion Trend

True story: Vinyl Record Beads were one of the first products we offered at WSW, and have long been some of my personal favorite beads.  From the time I first encountered these strands comprised of thousands of thin disc beads, I've been fascinated by them. As a collector and dealer of beads, I am always eager to learn more about their origin and history.  At WSW, we encourage all forms of creativity, whether that comes in the form of using goods as they are intended, or repurposing them.  But we also think it's important to understand the origin of goods, as that gives them more meaning and it gives the wearer a greater understanding and appreciation of them. Let's take a look at the history of these traditional African waist beads, as well as their movement into a current trend, fueled by Netflix.

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How to Make Kandi Cuffs: 5 Unique Kandi Cuff Designs

These days, its guaranteed that if you are having a kandi crafting party, many of your guests will appear with plenty of kandi and beads on hand. It's fun, it's pretty, and it is the perfect icebreaker when you offer some kandi to those you meet. There are many different...

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How to Make Rave Kandi Bracelets: The Ultimate Guide

Exchanging gifts is a popular way for people to show appreciation for one another, and exchanging the type of gift that you have made yourself is a popular way to give a bit of yourself while accepting a bit of someone else at the same time. One popular type of...

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