Accessorize Your (Fill in the Blank)! Fun Ideas for Non-Jewelry DIY's.

Not into making or wearing jewelry? Well don't let that count you out of the DIY activities! There are sooooooo many other fun things you can accessorize that will deliver a smile and a pop of color where you need it.

Over the years we've come up with some fun ideas, but also seen our customers come up with some great ones too.  Here are some of our favorites:

Snap Links as Wine Charms

These make such a fun statement and they literally don't require any DIY'ing! Sometimes instant gratification is the best, and necessity is the mother of invention. We were hosting a wine tasting and DIY event at WSW recently, and people kept losing their glass. There were some snap links on the table, and someone picked one up and slid it on their glass. Boom! Problem solved! And in a cute and fun manner!

Acrylic Snap Links as Wine Charms

Ribbons to Upcycle a Lampshade

We love taking inspiration from DIY bloggers, don't you? From home decor accounts to DIY jewelry accounts, there is so much creativity floating around the internet. One of our former brand ambassadors, Stephanie over at Casa Watkins Living has a fabulously inspirational blog, and she shared this fun DIY using some of our ribbons and trims from India.

Again, we love the simplicity of this DIY, and it has such a bold impact! All you need is a gluegun and less than 1 yard of trim for a complete lampshade makeover.

Ribbons on a LampshadeImage credit: Casa Watkins Living

Raffia Pom Poms on a Wreath

If you have a glue gun you can transform almost anything! We made this fun wreath for our front door in under an hour. All you need is a wreath form, some Raffia Pom Poms, and anything else you'd like to mix in. Get creative and have some seasonal fun!

For step by step instructions, visit this blog.
Raffia Pom Poms on a Wreath DIY

Tassels & Charms as Zipper Pulls or Bag Charms

A boring bag is a sad state of affairs. Jazz up your zipper pulls or straps with some fun with this easy peasy idea. Choose from our Enamel Carabiners or Acrylic Lobster Clasps as the attachment, and go from there. We think the Tiered Tassels make a fun statement, as well as assorted charms. Just stack them on using jump rings.

Tassels & Charms as Zipper Pulls


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