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What Do I String That On?

Whether you're new to beading or an experienced bead stringer, sometimes the options for stringing materials can be overwhelming. 

While there is no right or wrong stringing material, some materials certainly work better than others in regards to specific styles of beads.  Sometimes it's a matter of ease when stringing, but other times it's a matter of the sturdiness of the finished piece of jewelry.

We've taken some of the mystery out of the situation in this blog post, to help guide your bead stringing endeavors.

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Accessorize Your (Fill in the Blank)! Fun Ideas for Non-Jewelry DIY's.

Not into making or wearing jewelry? Well don't let that count you out of the DIY activities! There are sooooooo many other fun things you can accessorize that will deliver a smile and a pop of color where you need it.

Over the years we've come up with some fun ideas, but also seen our customers come up with some great ones too.  Read on to take some inspiration from our favorites.

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DIY Enamel Candy Disc Necklace Tutorial by HonestlyWTF

Project, Photos, and Blog by Erica Chan Coffman, HonestlyWTFI can't tell you how excited I was to discover these candy-like enamel tube beads. Not only are they vibrant and colorful, the metal and coats of enamel makes them feel wonderfully luxurious and weighty. This necklace has already been in heavy rotation...

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What are the Best Beads for Bracelets?

We know a lot of people right now are looking for creative projects that are both fun and productive. Making beautiful bracelets certainly fits that description! We enjoy making them for friends and family, and countless people also fashion beaded bracelets to sell online, as well as at flea markets...

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