What are the Best Beads for Bracelets?

We know a lot of people right now are looking for creative projects that are both fun and productive. Making beautiful bracelets certainly fits that description! We enjoy making them for friends and family, and countless people also fashion beaded bracelets to sell online, as well as at flea markets and craft shows. You may even find this hobby so gratifying that you choose to sell them through select retailers.

No matter what your motivation is for creating them, we understand how overwhelming it can be to get started. You may be daunted by all of the options, particularly the wide selection of beads available. Not to worry! You can use the following tips to make meaningful pieces that look amazing.

Wooden Beads

Wooden beads are versatile and aesthetically pleasing. They are worn by men and women of varying ages, cultures, ethnicities, and spiritual beliefs. Because of their natural look and feel, they are a popular choice among various crafters. These can also be dyed in a rainbow of magnificent shades, making them all the more valuable to creators.   

Did you know that certain types of wooden bead bracelets have a specific meaning or history? Sometimes, they are used as friendship jewelry, but they may also be used to reflect a broad array of other purposes. Some people even wear bracelets with wooden beads carved to depict their astrological sign.  

Here are some examples of what we have learned about this kind of adornment: 

Wooden Bead Bracelet

Cultural Varieties

Wooden varieties have been used traditionally by an array of cultures.

Native Americans have traditionally used natural materials, such as wood, as components when creating ornamental objects. In the Native American culture, wooden bead adornments might represent such concepts as freedom or the spiritual realm. They could also be used to symbolize the earth, which has long been a vital aspect of that culture.  

Across Africa, beaded jewelry has been used symbolically in multiple capacities. Bits of wood and other materials may be mixed with beads to perform rituals, for example. Varieties made from ebony may be combined with a dark gemstone, resulting in a striking African bead bracelet.    

Spiritual Purpose

Wood is also used as a bead material to make jewelry for spiritual practice. Buddhist prayer beading is generally utilized for meditation, and they may also be used in a ritual to rid the spirit of impurities. The wooden beads themselves are typically designed with light carvings of flowers and lines.  

Many people wear chakra bracelets to re-channel their energy. Wooden options may be complemented by semi-precious stones, which can result in a visually appealing piece of jewelry. In fact, these are often worn purely for their aesthetic value.

Another type of wooden bead bracelet used for spiritual practice is the mantra bracelet. These might be used for prayer, meditation, or even daily affirmations. These are typically crafted with plain, dark wooden beads.

The planetary bracelet is yet another kind of wooden bead accessory utilized for a spiritual purpose. This type of bracelet may be used by an individual who practices energy healing. Wooden additions may be the focal point of such a piece, but semiprecious stones can also be incorporated to further its visual impact.     


Bohemian Style

Fans of the bohemian, otherwise known as Boho, style may already be familiar with wooden beaded bracelets. These can be quite colorful, and they help represent an outlook that is casual and free-spirited. They can be quite simple in nature, but they may also be layered for a more complex appearance.   

Good Fortune

Some wooden bead bracelets are displayed to summon good luck or good fortune. Fortune bracelets usually have a reddish hue, and their components are often described as “lucky beads.” Wrap jewelry made of wooden beading is designed to wrap multiple times around the wrist. At its center, such a bracelet may contain a Chinese coin that symbolizes good luck.

Birthstone Beads

If you appreciate your birthstone or the concept of such stones, in general, you might want to explore birthstone beading. If you don’t care for your particular birthstone, there is no reason that you cannot display stones that accompany different months instead.

These are the stones used for the 12 birth months:

  • Garnet/January: Garnet is a deep red, and it is associated with courage, love, and faith.
  • Amethyst/February: Dark purple in hue, amethyst may be worn to inspire courage or to harness protective power.
  • Aquamarine/March: Aquamarine can invoke images of both the sky and the sea. It is sometimes worn to enhance communication.
  • Diamond/April: Often recognized for the crystal-clear variation of this stone, the diamond is widely appreciated for its strength and durability. This may be why diamonds are viewed as a symbol of eternal love.
  • Emerald/May: Emerald is a vibrant green stone, and it is often linked to youth and vitality. These brilliant stones can also be related to love and fertility.
  • Alexandrite or Pearl/June: June is represented by two different stones. Alexandrite appears blue under artificial light, and it may look lavender or pink in natural light. It is linked to peace and creativity. Pearls can be found in several hues, from cream to pink to lavender to gray to black (to name just a few!). The pearl is known as a symbol of loyalty and purity.  
  • Ruby/July: Ruby is a vibrant, bold shade of red. This stone has been connected with courage and inspiration. It is also recognized as a symbol of romance.
  • Peridot/August: Similar in hue to a lush lawn, peridot is the perfect stone for those born in the summer. Peridot is thought to ensure optimal health and good luck.  
  • Sapphire/September: Sapphire comes in a dazzling shade of blue, and it is known for bringing clarity and truth to those who wear it. This stone is also thought to support wisdom.
  • Pink Tourmaline or Opal/October: Like June, October is linked to two different birthstones. Pink tourmaline is a cheerful shade of pink, and it is known for promoting empathy and creativity. Opal stones come in various hues that are rich and vibrant, and they appear iridescent in tone. Opal is connected with hope and purity.
  • Topaz or Citrine/November: November is another month with two birthstones, which are both found in a warm shade of brownish-orange. Both may be associated with affection in the forms of love or platonic friendship.   
  • Turquoise and Blue Zircon/December: Both of December’s birthstones are a similar blue shade. Turquoise may be worn to support good fortune, and blue zircon is related to wisdom.  
Garnet Birthstone Beads

    All the Materials You Need for the Perfect Bracelet

    Regardless of what your specific motivation might be for creating beaded bracelets, we support your decision wholeheartedly! We know how fulfilling this pastime can be, and we want you to find the right items for your projects. There are so many reasons to craft beaded jewelry, from gifting them to selling them to making them for yourself. Whether you choose wooden beads for a Boho look or some to match a birthstone, WomanShopsWorld is delighted to help. Feel free to contact us today for more information.

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