The program that rewards you for buying the goods you love and sharing them with the world!
It's super easy. Here's how it works:

1. Sign Up

Earn 200 points just for joining the program here! Get rewarded for doing the things you do already here at WSW!

2. Start Earning

  • Here's how to earn WSW Crafty Points:
    5 Crafty Points for every $1 you spend
  • 50 Crafty Points for following us on Facebook @womanshopsworld
  • 50 Crafty Points for following us on Instagram @womanshopsworld
    100 Crafty Points when you leave a product review (from a review request email; up to 5x/month)
    200 Crafty Points on your birthday
  • 500 Crafty Points for friend referral (once friend uses $5 discount).

3. Redeem

100 Crafty Points = $1
Redeem points for $$$ off your favorite products.
How to redeem points:
Log into your account, then click on the launcher to open the rewards panel.
Click on All Rewards.
If you have enough points to redeem, there will be a Redeem button. If there are not enough points, you will see a progress bar. Upon clicking redeem, you will be taken to a page that shows the coupon code with a button to Apply code, which will automatically apply that coupon code at checkout.

WSW Crafty Points FAQ

Q: How do I earn Crafty Points?
: Make sure you are logged in to your account when you shop.
Refer friends using the link in your rewards launcher.
Leave product reviews when prompted by the emails you receive from WSW.
Follow WSW on our social media accounts. (@womanshopsworld)

Q: Will my points expire?
A: Points will expire after 1 year if they are not redeemed.

Q: I didn't mean to redeem my points, can I get them back?
A: Y
es! As long as the redemption code hasn’t been used. Please send us an email at and provide us with the email address associated with your account and the code you received. We’re happy to help you out from there!

Q: How do I refer a friend?
A: In your rewards launcher, there is a referral link that you can share. Your friend will receive a $5 coupon to use at WSW. When they redeem that coupon, you will also receive 500 Crafty Points, equal to $5.