African Trade Beads


    Do you love African & tribal-style jewelry as much as we do?! If so, you're going to LOVE our collection of African jewelry making beads. Whether you're looking to create bold beaded necklaces, wooden jewelry, or a uniquely crafted Nigerian-style bracelet, you're certain to find the perfect piece for your design from our African & trade bead collection. Feel free to contact us with any questions you have in regards to our African beads or other ethnic product offerings!

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    African history is as rich and old as humanity itself, and a beautiful part of the tapestry of human history is made up of the art and stories told by its beadwork. Often referred to as trade beads because they were once used as currency, the rich cultural history of handmade beadwork has been admired for thousands of years.

    A beautiful and colorful bracelet is an eye-catching statement accessory. The only thing better than one African or Trade Bead bracelet is an arm full of them! Our wide inventory of beading opens up an infinite number of crafting combinations of bead types, shapes, sizes, and colors.

    Types of African Beads We Carry

    We carry a wide variety of African beads that are perfect for all of your bracelet-making projects. Glass - Metal - Natural - Trade Beads Christmas Beads Candy Disc Enamel Heishi Beads - These are as sweet as the favorite candies you remember from your childhood. They come in 2 mm and 4mm sizes and are perfect for stacking. Enamel Tile Beads - These colorful options come in rectangles, honeycombs and a cute domed shape for building bracelets. We also carry enamel tiles in the letters of the alphabet for spelling out a name or a message. African Glass Beads - Ghana Glass Beads - African Love Beads - Dutch Donut Dogan -  African Vinyl Record Beads - These come in a variety of different sizes that are perfect for stretch bracelets. They used to be made from recycled records but now are manufactured from vulcanite which is a rubber product. Mosaic Sandcast Beads - These are made from sand-cast glass in a rainbow of beautiful colors and are available in two different sizes. Wooden Beads - Wooden options are beautiful and durable. Our inventory includes wooden options in their natural finish as well as those that have been dyed into a rainbow of colors. Acai Beads - Acai are an all-natural, ecologically friendly choice. They are available in many vibrant colors. Tassels - Don't forget the perfect accessory for your bracelet. Tie on a tassel or a mini-tassel or even a few to your handmade bracelet.

    Fun Crafts and Jewelry You Can Make with African Beads

    When you make your own jewelry you can customize it exactly the way you want. You can create a piece that goes with everything you wear or make something special that perfectly compliments one special outfit. Our beading isn't just for bracelets. They are for making beautiful pieces of jewelry to adorn your neck and ears as well. You can achieve stunning simplicity by selecting one or two main colors of beads for your project. A pattern doesn't have to be complicated or bursting with different colors. You can create a statement piece by beading several strands and linking them together. Consider adding them to a charm pendant for a one-of-a-kind necklace or letting beads cascade like fringe for a pair of earrings. Each piece of jewelry you design is special because it is a one of a kind creation. And it was made with love.

    Where Our African Beads are Sourced

    Our African beads are all responsibly and ethically sourced from artisans in India and Africa. We consider these artists to be part of our extended family and we treat them like that. We insist that our partners are paid fair wages to provide financial security for them and for their loved ones. Our artisans also contribute to their own communities by keeping handcrafting traditions alive and employing other artisans in their businesses.
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    97 products