Indian Sari Border Trims & Ribbons


    Indian Sari Ribbons, Trims & Borders

    Are you looking for the perfect sari border trim for your next design project? If so, you're in luck as we have a massive collection of saree-styled Indian borders and trims to choose from! Ribbons, trims, and sari, zari borders hand-selected from India. Perfect for adding a touch of global and ethnic flair to all of your sewing and decorating projects.

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    I hand-select all of these ribbons from India and create this colorful collection for you to choose from. All intricately embroidered, some mirrored, these trims will add the perfect boho flair to your sewing and crafts projects. Not only do we carry numerous styles, from florals, animals, and tassels, our sari ribbons are also available in a wide selection of colors and materials. Choose from our most colorful sari laces to make a stunning, eye-catching Indian-inspired garment. Or pick one of our silk-made silver, gold, black, or white designs to create an elegant looking evening gown.

    92 products

    92 products