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Color lovers rejoice, your days of boring silver and gold chain bracelets are over. Get your color on with our Luxe Link Enamel Chain Bracelets.

These awesome enameled bracelets are sure to brighten up your accessories selection. Copper chain beneath 3 durable layers of enamel, with a twist-open carabiner lock, these are comfortable and stylish. Wear them as-is, or add on some charms of your choosing.

✨The MAGIC is in the Details✨
Bracelet Length: 8.25" 
Number of bracelets per order: 1
Material: Copper with Enamel Coating 

Color Choices: Red, Hot Pink, Bubblegum, Peony, Mauve, Neon Salmon, Orange, Electric Yellow, Lemon Zest, Kelly Green, Moss, Emerald Green, Pistachio, Turquoise, Twilight Blue, Classic Blue, Cloud Blue, Grape, Eggplant, Mulberry, Berry, White, Dove Grey, Cocoa, Black, Silver, Rose Gold, Gold, Desert Sunset, Rainbow, Island Breeze, Neon Rainbow, White w/ Neon Splatter

✨Enamel Care ✨
Enamel has a tendency to chip under the strains of everyday use. We believe that jewelry is meant to be perfectly imperfect, just like its wearer! A little bit of chipped or scuffed character can add a lot of charm!

Tips to minimize wear and tear:

Please take your bracelet on and off at the golden links only. This will reduce chances of the enamel chipping.

✨Avoid wearing your enamel creations with lots of metal jewelry. You can mix it up with bone or vinyl beads for more interesting stacks!

Try not to bump into counters, tables, or other hard surfaces while wearing.

These chains don’t float, so keep them away from pools, oceans, lakes & showers.

A portion of all WSW sales will be donated to The Compassion Collective, which works to feed, clothe, shelter, and save our refugee and homeless sisters, brothers, and children in the US and worldwide.

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