Horse Hair

    Our Horse Hair Tassels are cruelty-free and ethically made from horse tail hair that is gathered during the grooming process. Natural brown, black, white, and grey horse hair tassels add a rustic western feel to handmade jewelry, and also make great keychains. Or if you like more color in your handmade jewelry, try our dyed horse hair tassels, available in many bright colors.

    Horsehair is utilized for the varied crafts of horsehair braiding, pottery, horsehair hitching, and is also used in creating magnificent jewelry pieces such as necklaces, earrings, barrettes, and bracelets.

    Horsehair is typically cut from the mane of the horse’s head and neck, with no pain or discomfort for the horse. This hair is thicker and coarse than the rest of the horse's coat and grows naturally to cover the neck. This means that this horsehair can be transformed to produce a tassel for use in a wide variety of styles and types of jewelry.

    Types of Horsehair Tassels We Carry

    All of our horsehair tassels are made from hair gathered during the regular horse grooming process and are cruelty-free. Our handmade jewelry tassels and keychains are produced from a versatile collection of horsehair ranging from black, white, grey to natural brown, adding an uncomplicated western touch to our collection. If you are interested in adding more color and texture to your handmade jewelry, take a look at our outstanding dyed horsehair tassels, which are available in many bright colors. Some of our Horsehair tassel collection we carry include:

    Natural Horsehair Tassels

    These tassels are simple and rustic, making them perfect for designing jewelry, keychains, and all sorts of other crafty endeavors. They have a great texture and visual appeal, as well as being cruelty-free. This tassel measures approximately 4.5" in total length. The tassel part comprises 4" and the loop at the top is 5”. You can choose from these four natural colors black, grey, white, and brown. Its price tag is $ 6.78.

    olid Bright Dyed Horsehair Tassels

    These have a price tag of $ 9.85 and can also be paid with four interest-free equal installments of $2.46. These horsehair tassels are comprised of rich colors, and are stunning and bold. These are intricately made, perfectly rustic, and ethically sourced. This handmade tassel collection is entirely made from horsetail collected during grooming; then, it is dyed with natural dyes and woven into tassels. They possess a perfect braided loop at the top, which creates a great texture for the design. Each tassel measures around 4.5" in the total length and the remaining loop at the top is 1”. You can have your color choice from 13 colors.

    Double Stack Horsehair Tassels

    These intricate little horsehair tassels are so natural and rustic. They are also cruelty-free, possessing an excellent feel to them. Each tassel measures around 3" in the total length. The Tassel part comprises 3". The remaining loop top is 5’’. You can choose from three natural colors. These are:
    • White/black
    • Sorrel/white
    • Black/white
    • Sorrel/black
    • Grey/black
    Its price tag is $10.25.

    Mane and Magic Horsehair Tassels

    You will love the magic exhibited in these tassels. This tassel is one of our latest additions to our tassel collection. These types of tassel hairs are hand-dyed, along with a matching a polyester thread. These tassels are a lovely combination of glitz and nature. Each tassel measures about 4’’in total length. The tassel top is about 2.5", the loop top is approximately 1", and the binding is about 5”. Its cost is $ 9.80.

    Great Crafts and Jewelry you can make with Horsehair Tassels

    Our horsehair tassels will pair well with a range of materials, giving you a wide range of options for your own unique style. If you are interested in using these Horsehair Tassels to create a gorgeous pair of earrings, they can be easily combined with a pair of Saki Silver Earwires to create a stunning pair of designer-quality earrings to tie together any outfit. Whether you are looking to create a bracelet, a necklace, or your own mala, the color of these horsehair tassels works with many different bead styles, and will compliment any of our hand carved bone beads.

    Where Our Horsehair Tassels are Sourced

    The horse hair in our tassels is ethically sourced in Mongolia.

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