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    Orange is one of the best choices if you want a color that really "pops" and draws attention. It mixes well with a broad range of other colors, and our orange beads are an ideal choice for expressing warmth, excitement and energy. The lightweight, quality craftsmanship makes them comfortable to wear and perfect for any project.

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    Why Orange?

    Orange is almost universally seen as a warm and welcoming color. It's a mix of yellow and red, both colors that are associated with high energy and activity. Not to mention being instant attention grabbers! It is particularly good for quickly drawing the eye and being visible in dim light - note its common use in road cones, vests and all sorts of other safety applications. It's also complemented by a wide range of colors, allowing you to incorporate it in all sorts of different projects. It pairs well with brown and burgundy for an earthy look, yellow and red for bright and positive themes, and even black for a spooky contrast. A number of sports teams also pair it with varying shades of blue for a bold look.

    Orange in Nature

    Orange maintains a prominent presence in nature in every season. It's present in the blooming flowers of spring, the hot sun of summer and the changing leaves and glorious sunsets of fall. It doesn't even disappear in winter - you see it in warm fireplaces, winter-associated foods like pumpkin and butternut squash, and in the Florida oranges that enter their peak harvest in December and are shipped all over the world as seasonal gifts. That association with citrus fruits is particularly strong, and probably why orange is seen as such a "lively" color. Orange fruits support life with vital nutrients, yet have a more appealing flavor than most of the foods associated with good health. The pigments in fruits and vegetables are carotenes, which are vital to photosynthesis in these plants. Orange is associated with all sorts of animals as well - tigers, domestic cats, orioles, tropical fish, butterflies, and orangutans among others. Flamingos can even change from pink to a hue of orange if they have enough carotene in their diet!

    The Significance of Orange

    In the world of spiritual auras, the color conveys that a person is adventurous, energetic and passionate. Though it is associated with high energy in the West, it is considered a spiritual and contemplative color elsewhere. For example, the saffron shade often used to color the robes of Buddhist monks and Hindu swamis. Orange has been adopted as the national color of the Netherlands and is prominent in the flags of India, Ireland, Armenia and a number of other countries. San Francisco's iconic Golden Gate Bridge is a shade known as "international orange," and the color has become associated with a number of other cities due to their sports teams - Cleveland, Denver, Cincinnati, Syracuse, Miami, Philadelphia and Tampa among others.

    Orange in Fashion

    As with the seasons of nature, it is versatile and is seen in one place or another all year long. Orange has become popular and fashionable in recent years. Fashion designers particularly like shades that give a sense of being warm and comfortable. Because it is a bold color, some caution is needed in applying the color to artistic creations. It can quickly overwhelm things if too much of it is used, but it is fantastic as an accent.

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    48 products