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    Interested in working with authentic tribal textiles from Africa? If so, you are in luck! WomanShopsWorld provides a beautifully curated selection of African materials, including Indigo, Kuba Cloth, Kente Cloth, and Ewe cloth, to name a few. These materials are perfect to use for tons of projects: curtains, clothing, picnic blankets, pillows, wall hangings, and so much more. Get inspired by their handmade beauty and create your own tribal magic!

    African Textiles for Sale 

    Creating beautiful clothing and crafts requires that the creator has not just the right tools, but also the right materials for the job. Quality materials improve the aesthetics, as well as the overall quality of the project. Without the right materials, no amount of skill or passion will suffice.

    Always Find the Best Fabrics and Textiles

    Those who are creating items that have a style to them can’t use just any fabric or textile if they are striving for an authentic look. We understand that it can often be difficult to find the right fabric for the job, and we’ve helped to make it easier.

    We have curated a large selection of materials that could be a perfect solution for a wide range of projects. Whether someone is making clothing, pillows, pillowcases, a wall hanging, or they require gorgeous fabrics for any other creative project, we can help. The variety of traditional materials we’ve put together is impressive and authentic.

    We have gathered a range of wax print fabrics, vintage Aso Oke tribal materials from places like Nigeria, and more. There are also tribal wall hangings, West African textile, South African textile, vintage marriage Indigo cloth, and much more. What fabrics are best for which project? It will often depend on what’s being created. To get a better understanding of the different types of traditional textile varieties, it is important to look a bit deeper into their history.

    A Look at Various African Textiles

    Africa is a vast continent with a rich history and a wide range of cultures. Naturally, this means that many different styles and types of textiles and fabrics have been created and produced there. For some cultures in Africa, weaving held a deeper significance than simply creating clothing. The Dogon culture, for example, believed that spinning thread held a connection to rebirth and the creation of something new. You will find that the color of the fabrics used could also hold great significance.

    Aso Oke fabric was traditionally woven by the Yoruba people in West Africa, making this a cultural handicraft. The term “aso oke” translates to mean top cloth. This type of fabric would typically be used to show that a person had a high status. It is often used to make gowns and hats for men, along with blouses, wrap skirts, shawls, and head ties for women.

    Kente cloth originally comes from Ghana and is woven by the Ewe people, as well as the Ashanti. The name of the cloth is derived from the word kenten, which means basket. It refers to the fact that the cloth was woven from silk and cotton, similar to how a basket is woven. The traditional African textile is used by most of the tribes in Ghana and is a part of the cultural identity of the country.

    The colors that are used in the kente cloth have specific meanings. Let’s look at a few of these colors to see what they would mean when used in the textile. Black could be used for mourning and funerals, and it could also signify the spirits of ancestors. Blue is used to denote love, harmony, and peace. Gold signifies royalty or high status, while green is equated with growth, spiritual renewal, planting, and harvesting.

    Whenever you are choosing any traditional textile, it is a good idea to look into the cultural significance of the fabric, along with its history, and the meaning of different colors. Doing so can provide creators with a wealth of insight into how the fabric should best be used. For example, Kente cloth is often used as an academic tool by African Americans.

    Wax prints, which are also known as Ankara or Dutch Wax Prints, are commonly used for clothing. These prints are used in many countries, but they are quite prevalent in West Africa. They are made in a range of colors and styles, and there are many manufacturers in Africa that make and export the fabric.

    These are just some of the many different types of textiles that are available today and that can be found on our site. The range of products, the beautiful colors, and the style can be useful in many different types of projects from curtains to wall hangings to clothing.

    Find the Right Traditional African Textiles Today

    We have a large and impressive selection of textile and fabric options available on our site. Take the time to look through the various options available and find those that will work the best for your needs.

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