Creating should be a stress-free experience. All of the little details that go into your creations add up to make a not-so-little impression. And when the little details aren’t just right, it can make for a lot of frustration.

WSW is here to take care of those details for you.

Quality materials, wide selection, reordering options, seasonal color choices, and consistent high quality are the items we check off of our list, so that you can just do your thing and leave the nitty gritty up to us!

The 5-Point WSW Difference

1. High Standards for Quality Product

Let’s be real: when the tassel on your necklace falls apart three days after you sell it to that insta-famous yoga influencer, it’s no good. When the dye rubs off of your beads and ruins your customer’s shirt, she’s probably not going to be a repeat customer.

With WSW, there’s no need to stress over these possibilities.

We want you to just do you, create your magic, and you'll never have to worry about a tassel-tastrophe or a bead-bleeding fiasco.

The fact that WSW beads and tassels are handmade and high quality gives us control over the products, and gives you confidence in your finished creations. The products on offer at WSW have been developed after years of dealing with inferior products on the market. After years of searching for the perfect tassel, we took matters into our own hands and created it. Now it’s available for all tassel-lovers worldwide, and when you get a WSW tassel in your hands, we’re sure you’ll agree: there is not a better tassel on the market.

2. Artisan-Made, Ethically Sourced

In India, there is a beautiful importance placed on extended family, and taking care of the ones you love. WSW is family-owned, and we adopt that same tradition of taking care of the people around us. We treat our artisan partners like our family; we visit them when we travel to India, and exchange holiday greetings and pictures of family gatherings. Family comes first, and that includes the extended WSW family.

As a designer, you certainly understand the value in charging a reasonable price for your work. We place the same high value on the work of the artisans we represent, and all WSW artisans are paid fair wages.

We are humbled and honored to know that the items our artisan partners create are helping them to provide financial security for their extended families, and allowing them to send their children to college, which is not always possible in rural India.

The artisans we work with are also making a positive impact in their own communities by employing other artisans and supporting heritage handicrafts. In this digital age, it’s important to promote these time-honored skills and techniques, to help preserve what would otherwise be dying techniques and crafts.

We believe that the foundational energy of an object endures, and we make sure that the goods that we offer are created with good vibes from the start.

3. Curated for Professional Designers

As a designer, there’s nothing worse than finding a component you love, creating a collection around it, and going to re-order only to find it Sold Out!

Or you want to design a cohesive line of jewelry with matching tassel earrings, necklaces, and bracelets, but can’t find the selection to pull it off? With the WSW collection, you can!

Our product selection is extensive and thorough so that your creativity will never be limited due to lack of componenets.

At WSW, we understand the frustrations and hassles you face as a designer, and we curate our collection with that in mind. Because we are in direct contact with the artisans who make our items, we have control over our inventory. We do our best to consistently stock quality items so that you can rely on us as your source.

We control the sizes of the bead holes, the length of the tassels, the colors of the threads, etc. Because we get it: these are the details that matter! When it comes to our beads and tassels, high quality is a constant, and you will always find a wide selection of matching colors and styles to choose from.

We add new tassel colors seasonally so you have an extensive on-trend selection to choose from. We understand that color nuances are important to your design process, creative flow, and ability to provide stylish designs to your own customers.

4. Ahead of Trends

The WSW team is always studying the trends in an effort to supply you with the colors, materials, and style s that you need to create for today’s trends. Each season, we expand our tassel color offerings and highlight the popular colors of the season, because we get it: color is everything! We also introduce new materials that are trending, so that your creations are fashion-forward and relevant.

5. Responsive Customer Service

Getting just the right shade of purple to match your customer’s dress is important, and we’re here to help with that. If you ever
have a question about color matching, sizing, or our just want our (ahem) expert opinion on a product, don’t hesitate to reach out. And of course, if you ever have an issue with an order, let us know right away. We’re always just an email away and definitely want you to be happy with your order!

Q: Why do tassel or pom pom colors sometimes look different when I reorder them?

A: All of our products are created and dyed by hand in small batches. With cotton threads, dye lots can vary a little batch to batch. The difference is very small and can typically only be noticed by keen eyes, when comparing two batches side by side.

Q: Why does my product look a little different than what’s pictured in the listing?

A: Our products are handmade, so they’re not meant to be carbon copies. This is what lends a unique handmade feel to them and gives them individual charm.

Q: Who makes the tassels & pom-poms?

A: We work directly with a small family of textile workers in India, who brings our tassel and pom pom dreams to life. They earn fair wages, and love the work they do.

Q: Why do African/trade bead listings also mention other countries of origin?

A: Other countries have been trading their goods into Africa for so long that their histories are deeply intertwined. Many of our “African beads” were made in Europe or other parts of the world, and traded into Africa.

Q: What animal are bone beads made from? Are the bones ethically sourced?

A: The beads are made from buffalo and cow bone, unless otherwise stated. In India and Nepal, not much is wasted. So instead of just eating the meat of an animal, every part of the animal is used: bones for things like beads, hides/hair for clothing and accessories and talismans, and the meat is consumed. The making of these beads and pendants provides a livelihood for families in remote villages in Nepal and India, which we are honored to support and share with you.

Q: How do you obtain the horse hair for tassels?

A: These tassels are made from trimmings via a horse farm in Mongolia. All of our products are ethically sourced, so no animals are harmed to make them.

Q: What material are the ribbons made from?

A: In India, the ribbon is called “silk,” as many tassels are called “silk tassels,” but the actual fiber might be an art silk. A lot gets lost in translation when sourcing goods globally, so it may be an artificial silk or polyester material.