Pom Poms

    Everything in life is better with Pom Poms on it! Our handcrafted cotton pom poms are the perfect size for making pom pom jewelry. Our raffia pom poms are a larger size, great for decorating, and adding to pom pom wreaths, baskets, and other home decor. All of our pom poms are dense and artisan-made.

    Types of Pom Poms We Carry

    Our artisan-made pom poms look great and are of high quality, so that you have a wide range of choices when crafting your own beautiful jewelry. We carry pom poms of various sizes and materials so that you can create just the look you want.

    Smaller Pom Poms

    We carry many different types of pom poms in smaller sizes. These are great for crafting, wearing and more. Our MINI Luxe Pom Poms have loops to make it easy to work with them, and they measure just 1/4." We also have luxe cotton pom poms with loops that measure 1." These come in pairs, singles, as well as a wide variety of options in neon and non-neon colors.

    Larger Pom Poms

    Larger pom poms are great for a wide variety of crafts. Their dense build and memorable colors make them perfect for a wide range of projects. Our Pom-Tassel Charms measure 2.75 inches in diameter. These feature a larger pom pom with a tassel attached beneath to give more movement and a larger pop of color. Our handmade raffia pom poms include loops for easy attachment, and are made completely from natural fibers, measuring at 2.5 inches.

    Pom Pom Tassel Kits

    We also offer several crafting kits that include both pom poms and tassels so you can create anything you dream up. Our Valentine's Day kit comes with pom poms and tassels in red, white and two shades of pink. Our greenery mix kit uses the 2017 Pantone color of the year, Greenery, to give all the pieces a vibrant look that is natural and calming. We also have a Silky Greenery kit that features tassels in a silky fiber. Our Spooky Halloween Mix features two mini black pom poms measuring 1/4" and a 2" orange tassel.

    Fun Crafts & Jewelry You Can Make with Pom Poms

    One of the easiest ways to incorporate pom poms into your jewelry is to string them onto a string or chain to make a necklace. If the pom poms have loops, this can be done in seconds, by threading the chain through the loops. When they do not have attached loops, you can instead thread the chain through the center of each pom pom. The resulting necklace will have a fun pop of color suitable for any age. You can also use pom poms to create a fun pair of fashionable earrings. To create pom pom earrings, there are several different methods that you can use. Perhaps the most common is to take a plain, dangling earring and add one or two pom poms to each one. A popular look is to attach one at the top of the earring near your ear, and then to have a larger one dangling at the very end of the earring.

    Where Our Pom Poms are Sourced

    We source our pom poms from artisans who make each pom pom to be the best quality possible. (Input from client needed for exact source of pom poms)
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    11 products