Where's the party? Wherever the Tinsel is! Our Tinsel Tassels have the perfect festive flair. Lightweight and sparkly, these are perfect for making flashy earrings and other jewelry. Our tinsel tassels are ethically handcrafted by our artisan partners in India.

    Tinsel Tassels add the perfect amount of sparkle to all your jewelry and home decor projects. From a subtle shimmer to a metallic rainbow, Woman Shops World has all the bling you need.

    Tinsel Tassels We Carry

    Our tassels come in an assortment of colors, and a variety of lengths as well. There are metallic tassels in solid colors, as well as silver and gold and even a rainbow style; we even have cotton tinsel tassels with a subtle hint of metallic thread woven through them.

    Some of our Tinsel Tassels will coordinate perfectly with holiday color schemes. We have tassels perfect for celebrations around St. Patrick's Day, Mardi Gras, and the Fourth of July, as well as many other causes for celebration.

    Our tinsel tassels range from 1.25 inches long to 6.5 inches long, and are extremely lightweight.


               Tinsel Tassel


    Fun Crafts and Jewelry You Can Make with Tinsel Tassels

    Tinsel Tassels are perfect whenever you want to add a bit of sparkle to a project.

    Jewelry making is easy with these tassels, as they have a loop at the top that makes them super-easy to use. Attach an ear-wire to a tassel and you can quickly make a statement earring. Drop a tassel, or two or three, onto a chain and you can craft a beautiful necklace. You can even clip a tassel onto a bracelet clasp for an extra sparkle around the wrist.

    Tinsel tassels are not just for jewelry, they can also make striking bag charms for purses, totes, and luggage. Tie them onto a pair of sandals for some extra sass when you walk or add a tassel to a zipper pull on a jacket for flair.

    Tinsel tassels can also add a little sizzle to your home decor projects. Add them to a string and hang a distinctive garland on the wall or across a fireplace. Attach these to napkin rings to bring sparkle to the place settings at your dinner table. You can add these to a lamp chain, or the cords of a set of blinds to add unexpected flair around the house. Layer tinsel tassels around a doorknob so that they can sway with the movement of the door opening and closing, or dress up the hem of a plain blanket by sewing on a row of Tinsel Tassels.


    Where Our Tinsel Tassels are Sourced

    The tassels we carry are handcrafted by a group of local artisans in India. At Woman Shops World we are a family-owned company, and we believe in the power of responsibly and ethically sourced handmade goods. We will not compromise on the quality of these products that we offer to you.

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    21 products