Leather tassels add such a luxurious and earthy feel to jewelry and other accessories.  Our leather tassels are artisan-made in various places in the African continent. Whether you're looking for more polished and supple leather tassels, or tribal Tuareg tassels, WomanShopsWorld has a beautiful selection.

    Types of Leather Tassels We Carry

    Leather tassels have never gone out of style, and today they are crafted all over the world by skilled artisans who lovingly work the leather into the beautiful tassels shown here. Our leather tassels are all made by artisans in various African nations and are available in many shapes, sizes, and weights.

    Fun Crafts & Jewelry You can Make with Leather Tassels

    Tassels have long been used to decorate everything from people to handbags to luggage, because there is an element of elegance added when you attach a tassel. There are also many beautiful pieces that can be created with the usage of leather tassels. Using tassels when crafting jewelry is a time-honored way to decorate the body with something fun, frilly, and gorgeous.

    To adorn your earrings with leather tassels, we suggest that you use a smaller tassel type, place your earrings as the top portion of the piece, and have your jewelry pliers ready. From here, you can insert the top of the tassels into jewelry fittings that can hold them and use your pliers to bend the fastening to secure the tassel, holding it in place. The end caps should attach to the top of each tassel, and the jump rings will connect them to the hook that goes through the ear. Be sure to try on the earrings to make sure the size and weight are comfortable. They may need a few adjustments here and there to make them hang properly.


                                          Leather Tassell


    Making a necklace with a tassel is even easier to do and can be an incredibly versatile way to accessorize an outfit. It is possible to take a tassel of virtually any size and shape and make it into a comfortable necklace that is as individual as you are. To craft a necklace, you need beading wire or a cord, crimp beads and a clasp, some decorative beads to pair with your tassel, and a pair of jewelry pliers. Our tassels all have loops at the top so you can string your wire or cord right through the top of the tassel itself. The necklace itself can be made from a leather strip, a piece of string, plastic cording, a metal chain, or anything else you have handy. You can also add other charms or baubles using a jump ring, to help your necklace stand out even more.

    Where our Leather Tassels are Sourced

    We source our leather tassels from various points around Africa. From the cattle leather tassels we source out of Morocco, to the goat leather tassels we receive from the Tuareg people, we support the work of local artisans and craftspeople around the continent. By working with them we ensure we are helping them in their businesses, and you by supplying your unique style that comes from all over the world.

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    9 products