Raffia pom-poms and raffia tassels are an eco-friendly way to add some swag to your creations! Raffia is made from the fibers of the palm tree, which can be woven into a fiber that has a beautiful satin-like sheen to it. Our tassels and poms are a great way to add a lustrous touch to your handmade jewelry and other creations.

    All our products are produced and created with the environment and the end-product in mind. They are harvested and created through an environmentally sound process to ensure that we are caring for the consumer, the professional creator, and the earth. Professional creators will be thrilled to work with Raffia tassels and pom-poms to add a beautiful, colorful pop to any finished product.

    Raffia Tassels We Carry

    We carry a range of tassels and pom-poms that are well-suited to any kind of jewelry or accessory. Raffia products are handmade from natural fibers, and they range in size and style. With tassels and pom-poms, you can create one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces. Create an elegant set of earrings with our handmade earring tassels, or craft a beautiful necklace from our tiered tassels. The creative possibilities with these are virtually endless.

    Unleash your creativity with Raffia tassels and pom-poms today. All our Raffia products are economical, eco-friendly, and handmade. These products give any professional creation that extra special something without the worry of contributing to waste or unethical production. The Raffia craft supplies were designed through global inspiration and genuine appreciation of the colors of world cultures.

    The Beauty of Raffia Tassels

    Raffia is made from the fibers of the palm tree which is native to tropical regions where we source all our products. The palm leaves are harvested and dried until the fibers turn in color and yield a beige color typical to Raffia. The beautiful color of these tassels and pom-poms is natural and applied by hand.

    The entire process, from harvesting to final production, is performed ethically and responsibly by all of the artisans we choose to work with. Our hope is that our products inspire a sense of wanderlust and fascination with the world, and remind us of the interconnectedness we are a part of every day.

    Find the magic in the details of these beautiful and quality products. Discover the difference in our Raffia tassels and pom-poms today.




    Where our Raffia Tassels are Sourced

    All the goods offered at WomanShopsWorld are ethically sourced and curated to make your creations uniquely yours. WomanShopsWorld is a trusted source for ethically sourced handmade products that will enhance your creations and dazzle your customers. As a family-owned company, we value ethical sourcing and support each one of our artisans who handmake these craft supplies in different places all over the world. The mission at Woman Shops World has and always will be to offer a cohesive, uncommon, and globally inspired line of craft supplies that empower you to create with confidence, without the stress of product flaws and frustrations. Discover all of the amazing products we carry at Woman Shops World.