Our Jute tassels are eco-friendly, as jute is a renewable resource, made from plant fibers, much like hemp and burlap. Handcrafted by our artisan partners in India, our tassels are exclusively designed by and for WomanShopsWorld, with designers in mind. Available in multiple shapes and sizes, our Jute Tassels give your handmade jewelry a mixed media, earthy feel.

    Jute Tassels Collection

    Jute tassels add a little flair and pop your jewelry, clothes, handbags, and other fashion accessories. If you have the time and creativity, they can add a bit more depth to your home décor. However, most of the widely available tassels could seem tacky and bland, to say the list. So, if you are a creature of discerning taste, you need a variety of options that can accentuate your color pallet. Sure, flea markets provide a hunting ground of classic tassels. But we understand that you may lack time to rummage through old clothes. If you would like some new jute tassels to spice up your wardrobe and home décor, look at some of our fine collections.

    Types of Jute Tassels We Carry

    We have scoured the globe for the finest tassels, made with great attention to detail and from the best naturally sourced material. They include the following collections.
    • Natural Jute Shabby Handmade Tassels Add a little touch of bohemian chic to anything with this fine assortment of shabby natural tassels. These tassels are hand made from ethically sourced and raw materials. They also have a fine silver and gold binding for that classic finishing. This collection is available in 4 sizes.
    • Mini Jute Tassels with Colored Binding This collection is bound with polyester to add a rustic touch to any fashion accessory. You also get a selection of colored biddings that offset any harsh color pallets. They come with a 1.25" fringe pendant.
    • Natural Jute with Metallic Loop Add a dash of boldness and intrigue with this collection of coconut thread that features polyester and corrosion-free metal wire bindings. Each tassel is handmade, and the polyester biddings feature a selection of 3 colors.
    • Christmas Mini Jute Tassels It is never too early to think about Christmas themed décor and gifts. This 4-piece 1.25" mini collection comes in festive red and green to jazz up anything with the holiday vibes.

    Fun Crafts and Jewelry You Can Make with Jute Tassels

    This collection of Jute tassels pairs so well with anything. That great news, but you might wonder where they can work best in enhancing your established design motif. Here are a few suggestions to help you make the best of this collection.
    • Classy Jute Tassel Lampshade or Chandelier A few jute tassels here and there, then suddenly your boring lampshades are transformed into objects of wonderment. You can also use them to create chandeliers that could be a conversation piece for every guest that graces your home.
    • Jazzy Jute Tassel Bed Skirt Who said bed covers and skirts must be dull? Add a few jute tassels to the edges, and even your cat will have something delightful to say about your beddings.
    • An Eclectic Jute Tassel Tote Bag Wicker tote backs do not have to be plain and functional. Add some tassels for some contrast.
    • Spice Up that Bland Leather Jacket Sure, your leather jacket may have gone out of season a few years ago. But you could bring it back in style by adding some Jute tassels along the hems on the arms.
    • Unique Jute Tassel Earrings Do you have an old pair of loop earrings that have seen better days? Well, you can add a few pendants to breathe new life into your personal style.
    • A Dash of Whimsy to Your Bow Tie The bow tie may be professional and understated. But, with two jute tassels, you can transform it into a must-have accessory for all your girlfriends.

    Where Our Jute Tassels Are Sourced

    Our products are made from natural materials ethically acquired from renewable sources. They are handmade by detailed oriented artisans from Nepal that we have met on many of our travels. So, you will be delighted to learn that a portion of your purchase goes into Americares and UNICEF’s relief efforts in Nepal.