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    Beads are not only beautiful to look at: they also help bring out your creative side! Whether you want to create jewelry, decorate wall hangings and sculptures, or add to the eye-catching appeal of a work of art, you should choose the right beads for the project. This will involve looking for beads of a particular shape, material, and — of course — color. At Woman Shops World, we stock a wide range of bead collections to meet different needs. Below is what you should know before buying from our yellow bead collection.

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    The History of Yellow

    Yellow has become a major trend in the past few years. Although the popularity of the color has been revived in recent times, it is one of the oldest in art history. Yellow can be found in old cave paintings that date back to ancient Rome and ancient Egypt. Some religions have worshipped the sun, with a good number of sun gods wearing it to represent the heavenly body. The relationship between the color and sunlight has made many people see it as a warm color that represents happiness and optimism. Yellow is bright and stands out. This is why it is often used to add significance and emphasize certain aspects of artwork. Today, it is not only used in contemporary art but also commercial marketing.

    The Psychology of Yellow

    Yellow is the brightest color of the visible spectrum, and while it is not used as frequently as its fellow primary colors, it has its own unique message. Yellow is a color that evokes strong feelings, perhaps because it is bright and intense. The color can quickly grab attention but can be abrasive when overused. As a color of the mind and intellect, you can use it to empower yourself. Psychological characteristics of it include warmth, being difficult to read, frustration, energy, and attention-grabbing. The color is also complex and evokes a feeling of happiness.

    How Yellow Makes People Feel

    Yellow evokes different psychological reactions, and subsequently causes responses that are unique to individuals. Here are the various reactions that it can evoke: Though it is widely regarded as a cheerful color, some people tend to experience feelings of frustration and anger when in yellow rooms. Babies will also cry more when in yellow rooms. However, this usually happens when it is used in large amounts. For others, it stimulates their nerves and purifies their bodies. In fact, some feel happy and spontaneous when surrounded by the color. Accents of it make some people more optimistic and cheerful, especially if they associate the color with hope, sunshine, and laughter.

    Shopping Yellow

    Depending on what you want to achieve with your art, you can either use this bead collection alone or combine it with other colors. Woman Shops World sells all manner of yellow beads that will allow you to add little details to your creations in a stress-free manner, so shop with us today!

    26 products

    26 products