Color Inspiration: Biscay Green

Ahhhhh. Easy on the eyes, isn't it? Biscay Green in one of the Pantone colors of the season, and it seems perfectly fitting for all of the freshness of Spring. Pantone describes the color as "an aqua shade connected to cleansing waters." 

Biscay Green, Pantone Spring 2020
We're seeing this soothing hue pop up everywhere, including in our customer-favorites, the Mini Tassels with gold binding. I've heard myself emit an audible sigh so many times when looking at the new bag of tassels that I thought it might be fun to put together a little inspiration board of all things Biscay Green. Sometimes just a glance at so much pretty can refresh the senses and change your mood.
Links and image credits to these products in the details below.


Biscay Green Color Inspiration

1. Biscay Green Tassels with Mini Gold Binding, #84 | 2. Puma Suede Classic Pop Culture Sneakers | 3. Ray Ban Sunglasses |  4. Satin-Faced Linen Shorts from J.Crew  | 5. Velvet Ruched Swimsuit By Asos | 6. Cool Jade & Icy Mint Decorative Cell Phone Case | 7. Vita Flutes from Anthropologie | 8. Biscay Green Stacked Arch Earrings | 9. ILNP Refined Mint Green Nail Polish | 10. Peace Sign Pendant in Turquoise Magnesite | 11. Beach Sounds Radio in Biscay Green |  12. Arizona Birkenstocks | 13. Hobo Stroll Crossbody Bag 

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