30 Things To Do on Leap Day 2020

by Sandra Evans

    Every four years, leap year gives us the gift of an extra day on February 29. While the exact science is beyond my scope, it is my basic understanding that this happens because it takes Earth just over 365 days to rotate around the sun. Our ancestors developed a calendar with an extra day every four years to best keep in line with our home planet’s rotations. If you’d like to learn more, check out this article. 

    Like a lot of you, every new year I renew the resolve to maximize my time earthside. Since 2020 is a leap year, I also got to thinking: how can I make the most of those extra 24 hours on February 29th? I’ve always loved making lists, so I seized the opportunity to make a list of things to do with that extra day this leap year.

    30 Things To Do on Leap Day 2020: 

    1. Jump on a trampoline. Embrace your inner frog & literally LEAP around!!
    2. Yoga. Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or new to the practice, get on your mat and flow through the extra day. 
    3.  DIY colorful jewelry. Bracelet tutorial by The Neon Tea Party. Fun crafts. Create jewelry. Make earrings, necklaces or bracelets to gift a loved one or even yourself!! These kits are a good place to start. Our friend Marisa at The Neon Tea Party offers amazing tutorials. 
    4. Read a book. The best part of reading is that you can do it anywhere: on a couch, in bed, at a park, on the bus. One of our local parks has hammocks and adirondack chairs set up alongside the river bank. I love to curl up in the sunshine and read the afternoon away.
    5. Go to a movie. Theaters are having a moment lately with the addition of full restaurants and reclining seats! Check the local listings and have yourself a cinematic adventure. 
    6. Yellow tassel mala by the crystalline moon. Bohemian yoga jewelry for meditation.Create a mala. Used in meditation, prayer, yoga practice or as a wearable reminder to be more mindful and peaceful. With our extensive selection of beads to choose from, malas are as beautiful as they are functional.  I absolutely love the sunshiney simplicity of this one from The Crystalline Moon.
    7. Learn to meditate. Grab the mala you just made and use it in to enhance your meditation. 
    8. Smudge kit by WomanShopsWorld. Sage wand. Smudge your space. Use a sage wand to clear out any lingering bad energy and make room for positive vibes.
    9. Fly a kite. The best way to defy gravity without hopping in a plane. There’s something liberating about holding onto a kite as it soars through the sky. 
    10. Bake a sweet treat. I try to mostly eat ‘clean’, and this recipe helps me sneak extra veggies in while indulging. You can’t even tell the zucchini is there!
    11. Volunteer. Make the world a better place and get involved in your own community! We use Volunteer Match to find local opportunities.
    12. Call a loved one. Check in with someone you don’t speak to as often as you’d like. 
    13. Write a letter. I love living in the digital age, but I am giddy when I open the mailbox and see snail mail from a loved one! 
    14. Start spring cleaning. There’s something invigorating about cleaning and organizing your space. I love to blast music to sing along to and get into a groove. Check out my “be productive” playlist  
    15. Wash your car. Can you tell I have a few chores to do? 😉
    16. Dance. Whether it’s in your living room, a supermarket or a dance club, pretend like no one’s watching and bust a move!
    17. Paint. Leap into creativity and let inspiration flow through the paintbrush.
    18. Do a random act of kindness. Help your neighbor carry groceries in or pay for someone’s coffee tab. A little extra love goes a long way!
    19. Hand make a card. I treasure the cards that little loves make so much that I started making them too! Kids aren't the only ones that get to have fun 😉
    20. Plant a garden. Digging around in dirt is good for the planet and your soul!
    21. Ride a bike. I love to rent an infamous blue bike and pedal through downtown Columbia or alongside one of the THREE rivers in town! 
    22. Play. Head to a playground & let your inner child lead the way!
    23. Sing karaoke. Our favorite “Leap Day” songs are “Jump” by Madonna & “Bounce” by Calvin Harris & Kelis  
    24. Throw a party. Get your friends and acquaintances together and leap into a good time!
    25. Get a mani/pedi. A little pampering can make you feel like a new person! Don’t tell his friends, but my husband even likes to go with me sometimes. 
    26. Take a walk. This is our favorite way to get fresh air, spend time with our pups and get creative.
    27. Basket wall by boho abode. Bohemian home decor. Create a basket wall. This is our favorite design trend and the perfect use for our handwoven baskets from Africa. The Boho Abode created the incredible scene pictured below. 
    28. Visit a brewery. No worries if beer isn’t your jam - modern breweries are typically family friendly and offer great scenery, art, games , yummy eats & even non-alcoholic drink options! 
    29. Get cooking, good looking. Whip up a Pinterest-worthy meal - stock up on fresh foods at the local farmers market & work your magic in the kitchen!
    30. Be a tourist in your town. Visit the museum, restaurant or roadside attraction that draws out-of-towners like flies to honey. It’s fun to explore places you may take for granted after living in one place for awhile! Our local pick - the World’s Largest Fire Hydrant


    Planning to celebrate Leap Day in a way that isn’t on our list? 

    Let us know how you LEAP in the comments below!

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