Pantone Color of the Year 2020: Classic Blue

Calm. Confident. Connected. Did we just describe you? Or at least your ideal version of yourself?😉
These words also describe the Pantone Color of the Year for 2020: Classic Blue.

According to Pantone, "This enduring blue hue highlights our desire for a dependable and stable foundation on which to build as we cross the threshold into a new era." The folks at the Pantone Color Institute put a lot of global research and thoughtful consideration into selecting what they coin the "Color of the Year." It can be assumed that worldwide, humans are feeling a need for stability and grounding, and Classic Blue can help us create this mood, or at least set the stage for some tranquility and reflection. 

Classic Blue, Pantone Color of the Year 2020, Quote

While this color is grounding energetically, the same can be said of it visually. Growing up, when my Mom would take me back-to-school shopping, she would talk about the importance of choosing "basics." Basic has never been something that I've gravitated towards, and I can remember bristling at the thought of wearing nothing but "basics."  Basic = boring was more my motto. But it's funny: as an adult, I have come to understand the value of having a basic foundation in an outfit or look; one that you can build upon with striking accents and outstanding embellishments.  

This season's Classic Blue is that foundational element in color form. Easy to match, Classic Blue pairs well with almost every color, from neutral to bright and bold.

To get you thinking about the creating with the color of the year, we've gathered some of our favorite Classic Blue items from WSW. You can also shop a curated Classic Blue Section that we'll be adding to in the weeks and months ahead.

Classic Blue Inspiration from WomanShopsWorld
Clockwise, starting from top left:
1. Mini Solid Cotton Tassels in colors #39 and #25 | 2. Classic Blue Goomba  Ghana Glass Beads | 3. Tiny Lapis Lazuli Spacer Beads | 4. Luxe Cotton Pom Poms in Color #17 | 5. Royal Blue Bone Bead Mala | 6. Bright Bone Bead Speckled Heishi Spacers in Navy | 7. Royal Garden Blue & Gold Silk Trim | 8. Solid Bright 4.5" Horse Hair Tassel in Persian Blue | 9. Bone Heishi Beads 10mm in Lapis Blue | 10. Indigo X-Factor Carved Bone Beads | 11. Diagonal Striped Tube Royal Blue Bone Beads | 12. Bright Bone Bead Speckled Heishi Spacers in Lapis Blue | 13. Colorful Metallic Tassel in Cobalt | 14. Mini Solid Cotton Tassels in color #39 | 15. Pom-Tassel Charm in #11 Snorkel Blue | 16. 3mm Vinyl Record Beads in Ocean Blue | 17. Raffia Tassel in #17 Denim Blue


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