Our Top 9 Ways to Stay Creative

by Sandra Evans

I’ll admit it - returning to WomanShopsWorld HQ earlier this month was a little disorienting after the marathon holiday hustle. It was a spectacular blur of family get-togethers, last minute gift wrapping, delicious food, much-needed rest and all the other good holiday things! 

To ease back into work mode, I took a few moments to tidy my desk and hang a new 2020 calendar. Stepping back to contemplate the new year ahead, I excitedly noticed that January is dubbed “International Creativity Month”. 

If you’re reading this, you probably already know creativity is basically our love language here in the land of colorful beads & tassels. Creativity takes the essence of life’s magic and transforms it into something more tangible to share with the world. 

Quote about creativity, from Sandra Evans at WomanShopsWorld

It makes sense that January is the month of creativity. A new year brings with it a blank canvas meant to be filled with fresh ideas, to help us evolve and improve the world we live in. 

But that blank canvas can be intimidating too. We like to keep our other energy channels open, and our lives as balanced as possible, to not stymie that sometimes elusive creativity. 

We've created a list of some of our favorite ways to keep the energy flowing. Sometimes when we're changing gears from shipping orders to more creative tasks, we notice that we need an activity to clear our minds. Maybe some of these will resonates with you. You don’t have to use all of these ideas at once, of course. Simply test driving one or two can transform your creative block into pure magic!

Our top 9 ways to stay creative: 

  1. Get moving! Exercise gets your blood flowing to your brain, to help fuel brilliant ideas. 
  2. Meditate. Clear your mind of clutter that can block creative thoughts. I love the Yoga Wake Up App for quick guided meditations.
  3. Break routine. Even something as simple as changing your route home can help you see things in a new way. This blog that we posted earlier this month shares some fun ways to mix things up a bit!
  4. Make a vision board. Having a visual representation of your goals or dreams helps manifest them into reality. Our friends over at Bloom Daily Planners have a great how-to blog if you've never made a vision board before.
    Vision Boarding with Bloom Daily Planners
  5. Grab something yummy. Eating a healthy snack or meal fuels your brain to have the power to be more creative. Here's our Eat: Savory Pinterest board with lots of exciting recipes.
  6. Listen to happy tunes. Positive moods are linked to creativity, so upbeat music is perfect for staying inspired! Here’s what we’ve been listening to lately to keep our spirits lifted.
  7. Color your world. Green promotes creativity and yellow boosts your mood, which also leads to more creativity. Looking to stimulate your green sensory receptors? Take a scroll here!
    Green Inspiration from WomanShopsWorld
  8. Make lists. Putting your “to do” list on paper and crossing it off as you go, helps free up brain space for your imagination. We’re loving our new planners from Bloom and are amazed at how much writing down those tasks frees up space in our brains!
  9. Do your chores. Taking a break to do mindless tasks like cleaning up your space helps relax and refocus your mind!

What’s your go to trick to keep your creative edge?  Leave a comment and share it with us!
Quote about creativity

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  • Eileen Schurer

    What’s your go to trick to keep your creative edge? Two things, repetition in learning new things and allowing space. Once you learn new things, it’s nice to sit with it for a while and take a moment to see what comes up. What does it remind you of? What about it inspires you? How could you see using this idea in your own life/work? This is hard to do and in our society, we rarely take time for this but I think it is so important! Cheers to a creative 2020!

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