Clear Bag Makeover: 9 Easy Ways to Upgrade a Stadium Approved Bag

Decorated Clear Stadium BackpackEvent season is heating up, and that means the need for clear bags is too!  But Stadium Approved does not have to equal boring!

If you're like us, you LOVE attending concerts & sporting events but LOATHE carrying a lame clear bag. And you know your rainbow ride or dies at WSW don't believe in lackluster accessories... so we've created a few ways to turn "stadium approved" into "stylish AF".

Stand out from the crowd & makeover your clear bag by adding a little pizzazz.

9 Super Easy Clear Bag Makeovers:

1. Tassels & PomPoms - use a jump ringlobster clasp, or tie on with string to attach them to zipper pulls and . 

2. A Ribbon Strap - glued or sewn onto existing strap. Aleene's Fabric Fusion is our favorite way to glue ribbon onto projects when we don't feel like sewing. 

3. Bead Embellishments - glued or sewn onto bag. These can be added in a design on the clear part, or along the bag border. Hypo-cement works well for this!

4. Beaded Handle - string beads onto a cord, and then tie onto purse. This method is more decorative - but it can be created with a stronger cord to make more functional!

5. Colorful Wallet/Pouch* - our current fave is this cute Mushroom Pouch to hold credit cards & other small items.

6. Embroider a Cute Design/ sew patch onto clear part* - our friend Marisa at The Neon Tea Party has excellent tutorials & craft kits for embroidery! 

Craft hack - cut a patch from one of our embroidered ribbons & glue onto your bag for an easy upgrade!  

7. Fill with Friendship Bracelets - hand out to friends & people you meet. A clear bag is the perfect way to show off a beautiful bead stash!

This is especially handy if you're attending the Eras Tour - Swifties are trading bracelets in masses & we're loving the energy! 

8. Beaded Bag Charm - string beads onto a cord & attach to a lobster clasp. This can be clipped to the bag straps or hardware. 
Bonus - this also works as a keychain!

9. Snap Link Bag Handle/Strap - connect several Acrylic Snap Links together & link onto bag straps or hardware. These are sturdy enough to use as handbag style handle or a crossbody strap. Please note - this might not work as well for super heavy bags!

Most of the clear bags in our personal stash have been sourced from Amazon. They have tons of sizes/shapes/styles to choose from, but these are our current favorites:

A. Convertible Mini Backpack/ Crossbody Bag
B. Convertible Crossbody Bag/ Wristlet
C. Dome Handbag w/ Crossbody Strap

How will you decorate your clear bag before your next event? Tag us on socials #mywsw for a chance to be featured!


*Pro Tip - confirm that pouch/patch dimensions adhere to venue's policies! Don't risk making an extra trip to take your bag home or worse, toss your custom bag!!


             📣 MORE PHOTOS COMING SOON!              

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