Fall Candy to Bead Pairings

There are quite a few things that indicate the changing of the seasons. Weather, vegetation, fruits and veggies available at the store, and of course decor in stores. But for me, one that is the most fun is seasonal candy. I admit: I'm a candy junky. I don't eat near as much as I used to, but there's still something very exciting about shopping for and bringing home seasonal candy to share with my family. 

I also love changing up my creative palette as the seasons change, to stir up some new inspiration.

One of my favorite interiors Instagram accounts is The English Room, and she always does a Dress to Room pairing for the Oscars. So I thought it would be fun to borrow this idea for a Candy to Bead pairing for Fall!

So here goes:

Fall Candy to Bead Pairings, from WomanShopsWorld

Bead Links, from Top to Bottom: 4mm Vinyl Record Beads | Carved Skull Bone Beads | Autumn Glow Acai Bead Mix | Carved Pumpkin Bone Beads | Evil Eye Enamel Charms.

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