The Top 5 Jewelry Trends of 2023

A quick Google search for "top jewelry trends 2023" pulls up a beautifully sparkly and colorful search result. Toggle it to an image search, and you might be busy for the rest of the afternoon! It seems that we're going to have a season full of accessories, according to this Real Simple article. Etsy, one of the top online resources for handmade creations, "has seen a 595-percent increase in jewelry searches in recent months."

So creatives, get those fingers beading and your ideas flowing; this will be the season for you to shimmer and shine and show off your wares! 

Trendspotting is something that we do well at WSW. In fact, WomanShopsWorld came to be because our founder, Carter Seibels, is a seasoned trendspotter. Carter loves it when she can get her finger on the pulse of a trend and then offer it to her customers in the form of DIY materials. And sometimes those trends that she spots are right here in our own studio!

Now that it's officially Spring, we wanted to share with you our take on what we anticipate the themes and trends of the season will be. You can use this blog as a guide to help you create on-trend accessories that will be sought after by many!

(Not Your Grandmother's ) Pearls

We've seen this trend growing in popularity since last year. But we aren't talking about your grandmother's classic strands of pearls!  These luster-y orbs are definitely having a moment; possibly thanks to Harry Styles, Marc Jacobs, and other male celebrities who have shown us that men can wear pearls too!

Clutch this look by pairing simple rounds, or uniquely shaped pearls, with other materials and architectural elements.

Top Jewelry Trends 2023: Pearls

Pearls from WSW, left to right: 8-10mm Large Hole Pearls | Large Hole Peanut Pearls | Freshwater Pearl Grab Bag

Colorful, Whimsical, for your Inner Child

Why do we wear jewelry? To make us smile, to make us happy? Yep! After the past few years, we'll take all the happiness we can get, especially in the form of colorful, whimsical jewelry!

This year we're seeing playful jewelry in the form of friendship bracelets, both knotted and beaded. (Hello Taylor Swift, inspiring her Swifties to "make the friendship bracelets.") Think letter beads, charms, inspiring messages and meaningful color themes.

Are you seeing rainbows on necks and arms everywhere? Us too, and we love it! From rainbow knotted necklace, to neon rainbow necklaces, this is a well-entrenched trend that seems to be lifting spirits everywhere, from the fashion runways all the way to the bead stores.

Top Jewelry Trends of 2023: For your Inner Child

Beads from WomanShopsWorld, from left to right: Enamel Candy Disc Beads in 2mm | Enamel Candy Disc Beads in 4mm | Matte Neon Pony Beads | Enamel Heart Charms

Thick & Chunky Chains & Charms

It's unlikely that chunky chains will ever go out of fashion. A snug, collar-length chain necklace can do so much to spice up an outfit or a plain top. In-Style magazine is calling chunky chain necklaces "the most luxurious look around," and many celebrities have been seen sporting these outfit enhancers.

Delicate chains can also make a bold statement when they're stacked with charms. And we're seeing a maximalist aesthetic with more layers making for more fun. The "neckmess" is a look that is very loved on Instagram and TikTok, and we don't see it going anywhere soon.

Their versatility is certainly one reason that chain necklaces are so popular; they go with absolutely everything. Their "chunkiness" factor is also relative; chains can be found in varying sizes and materials, from big and bold to more dainty.

While gold chains are certainly the most common, there's a way to be bolder! Try adding some enamel or acrylic layers for a pop of color! Coach, Dolce & Gabana, and other fashion houses are all featuring chunky colorful chains this year, so come join the chain gang.

Chunky Chains: Top Jewelry Trend 2023

Chains from WomanShopsWorld, from left to right: Luxe Link Enamel Necklaces | Pop Chain Necklaces | Luxe Link Enamel Bracelets

Flower Power

Nothing speaks of Spring and Summer like flowers! Quite simply, flowers make us feel good, no matter if they are picked from the garden or in the form of beads and baubles. 

From big and bold rosettes, to dainty beaded daisies, flowers are popping up in accessories everywhere. This floral-forward trend is fueled in part by the Sex and the City reboot, and Carrie Bradshaw's love for large florals.

Whatever the reason, this refreshing trend is one we're pleased to see.

Top Jewelry Trend of 2023: Flower Power

Chains from WomanShopsWorld, from left to right: Happy Flower Enamel Large Hole Beads | Silver & Gold Plated Stardust Large Hole Flower Beads | Millefiore Glass Donut Beads

Bold Bangles

A standout arm party is a surefire way to make a statement with your jewelry. As the weather warms, we've been shipping out an increasing number of bangles and bracelets. Whether classic and minimal, or with a modern, maximalist twist, a bangle or bracelet is an easy go-to accessory.
And we know so many of you are making bracelets with the beads that you order too!

On the Spring runways we also saw lots of arm cuffs; worn higher up on the bicep, these give a gladiator feel. There's nothing wrong with finding power in the jewelry you wear! 

Top Jewelry Trends of 2023: Bangles & CuffsChains from WomanShopsWorld, from left to right: Enamel Cuffs | Bracelets made from Acrylic Bamboo Beads | Thai Mantra Bangles

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