Barbiecore: THE Viral Hot Pink Aesthetic & How to Make it Your Own

Hot Pink Barbiecore Beads and Charms

Ahhhhh, have you watched the trailer? The Barbie movie is coming soon, and there's a new aesthetic trend on the rise. We're making our chunky pink necklaces, shimmering pink bracelet sets, and getting box office ready! Barbie is coming to the real world, and she's bringing her independence and style with her to turn heads; the movie even claims to be for those who hate Barbie!

Were you on Team Pink, or Team Barbie, growing up? There are two types of people: those who like hot pink and those who don't. Usually it's not something you're on the fence about. And if you're a Barbie girl living in this Barbie world, you're no doubt dripping in Y2K fashion: pink fluffy mules, hot pink from your head to manicured toe, and embracing vibrant hues & bold fashion choices. 

Barbie Embraces Dopamine Dressing

The Barbie aesthetic is a bold, bright, and nostalgic one, and for good reason. Bright colors (including hot pink) are instant mood boosters. Dopamine dressing has been an aesthetic dominating the fashion scene since we emerged from the drab and depressing days of the pandemic. Looking at these electric hues releases dopamine, which is one of the hormones that functions to make us feel good. Which makes sense; people wanted to spark joy after a making it through the "unprecedented" times of the pandemic.

There's been a natural evolution in dopamine dressing towards the "pretty in pink" color story we're now seeing, and this is especially true as we lead up to the "It Girl" aka Barbie movie release in July 2023. Because who doesn't want to a feel good dose of nostalgia on the big screen?!

Barbiecore embraces the Dopamine Dressing viral trend
Barbiecore embraces the Dopamine Dressing viral trend.

A Barbie for Every Era

Barbie has always been a trendsetter, and she's certainly not stopping now! She's been around since 1959, and is arguably the most iconic figure of the last several generations. According to The Washington Post, film and media experts are calling the Barbie movie polysemic, "with each demographic interpreting the hyperbolic visuals using their own unique lens and finding meaning in it." This holds true for the Boomer Generation to Gen Z and everyone in between, who are all embracing the Barbiecore aesthetic.

" 'Hot pink has been typically associated with stereotypical standards of femininity but has been embraced by Gen Z and Millennials as a statement against traditional standards of beauty and expectations of women,' Insider's Marguerite Ward reported in July." - Business Insider

And with the highly anticipated movie fast approaching, Barbie and her iconic fashion will also likely be deeply engrained in the pop culture of many more generations to come.

Barbie, 1959, from
Barbie, 1959, from

Barbie's Iconic Pink Color Palette

Everyone's bestie, Barbie, is known for her fashion forward and iconic ensembles. According to Carol Spencer, a fashion designer for Barbie from 1963-1998, “Barbie changed as we changed. Subtle changes tweaked yesterday’s Barbie into today’s Barbie. She kept up with the trends.”

Barbiecore Hot Pink Trend
Source: Glamour 

No matter the era, the It-Girl's outfits are inspired by current trends, and often feature bold & bright hues. Think: bright blues, vibrant stripes, gorgeous greens, etc. One of her signature shades, Barbie Pink (aka Hot Pink, Pantone PMS 219), is currently allll over the fashion world.

It was even featured in the monochromatic gorgeousness of Valentino's Fall/Winter 2022-23 collection:

Source: Valentino

Why pink? According to Kim Culmone, SVP of Design for Barbie and Fashion Dolls, for Barbie, “pink represents limitless potential and is a symbol of female empowerment.” (Quoted from Harper's Bazaar Arabia).

Details of the Barbie Movie

While all of the details of the film are still under wraps, we do have a few big-name teasers to look forward to. Director Greta Gerwig has cast Margot Robbie as the star Barbie, with alternate Barbie roles being played by Dua Lipa, Hari Nef, and Issa Rae, to name a few. Ken will be played by Ryan Gosling, Simu Liu, and Ncuti Gatwa.  We've also seen glimpses of America Ferrara, Kate McKinnon, Will Ferrell, and Emma Mackey. 

Make The Barbie Aesthetic Your Own

While we certainly can't all live in the color-saturated picture perfect world of Barbie, we can make her aesthetic our own. If you're looking for a way to feel good & be part of the Barbie fashion Movement, dress yourself head to toe in the color of the moment. Our team has seen this hot pink pop up everywhere lately, from Target, to small boutiques, to Golden Goose, & everywhere in between.

According to this article from The Digital Fix, shoppers worldwide are so dedicated to replicating the overly-saturated, uber-tactile world of Barbie, that there is actually a shortage of pink paint, and pink fashion items are selling out worldwide.

At WomanShopsWorld, we have a perfectly pink selection of accessories that can help you create the trending look. Slide on a Thai Buddhist Temple Bangle or a stack of Pink Janis the Pearl bracelets.

Make the hot pink Barbiecore aesthetic your own with these hot pink bracelets from WomanShopsWorld
Make the hot pink Barbiecore aesthetic your own with these hot pink bracelets from WomanShopsWorld

Barbiecore DIY? C'mon, Let's Do It!

One of Barbie's mottos is "Live Your Dream". If DIY is your dream, like it is ours, you can DIY your own Barbiecore jewelry creations. Picture it - a bold hot pink statement necklace, a bubblegum hued beaded bracelet, or adorable heart charm earrings. DIY'ing your own jewelry can seem intimidating at first, but WomanShopsWorld has everything you'll need to get you started. The components WSW offers are super beginner friendly, but also unique enough for the seasoned designer. 

DIY Barbiecore, Hot Pink Jewelry Making Supplies
DIY Barbiecore, Hot Pink Jewelry Making Supplies from WomanShopsWorld

Barbiecore Accessories

According to Fandom, accessories are a must for anyone looking to pull off the Barbiecore aesthetic. While you should always put your personal spin on a trend, here are some ideas for how to create your own Barbiecore look:

  • Expensive plush clothing and shoes
  • Animal prints varying in shades
  • Pink and purple jewelry
  • Chunky pink necklaces
  • Clear and holographic accessories
  • Heart shaped sunglasses
  • Fluffy dangly pink earrings
  • Tiny purses or shoulder bags
  • Plastic hair clips and jewelry

Wearing pink hues are sure to give you a mood boost, and make Barbie proud. Making something with your own two hands levels that up, and your creative cohorts at WomanShopsWorld are here to help you get started. You'll be feeling Pretty in Pink in no time. 

Come on Barbie, let's go party!  

Diy Barbiecore Aesthetic Hot Pink Jewelry Making Supplies


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