The Spiritual Side of Skull Beads & Jewelry

The Spiritual Side of Skull Beads & Jewelry

Skulls are an iconic symbol that can symbolize many things, and skulls can either be an attraction or a turn-off depending on your beliefs regarding their symbolism. When skull beads are worn in bracelets and other jewelry, the meanings and symbolism can vary depending on the cultural heritage of the wearer and the emotions that they are trying to express.


Much of the symbolism surrounding skulls relates to death, not surprisingly. It is the final mystery we all must face, and that is a rather emotional topic for many. So it makes sense that people would wear symbolic jewelry relating to this, as a way of embracing and trying to understand one’s fate.

Skulls can be worn in relation to many different aspects of death: remembrance of those who are deceased, to represent a life-and-death struggle, or as a reminder to not be afraid of death. 

Strength & The Power of Life

For some,  this symbolism of death can be worn as a reminder to live life to the fullest. Afterall, we are all mortal beings, and life is a gift. In Buddhism, the skull is a reminder to embrace those around us with the greatest love and compassion. So the skull can represent a person’s hope for everlasting life and the blessings and gifts that come with life. The skull is what is left of a person once everything else has decomposed, so in this respect it is a also a lasting, permanent reminder of the person to whom it belonged.

Skulls are also worn by many creatives and even gang members and other groups, as a symbol of bravery and strength, and as a sign that we all must embrace our fate.

A Sign of Hope, Protection, & Impermanence

When used in prayer, the skull can help reassure the wearer, alleviating any fears they may have surrounding death. Skulls may also be worn with the intention of protecting the wearer from hidden dangers, hazards, or warnings. Many people wear skulls to remind them to live in the moment because we won’t be on Earth forever.

In traditional Buddhism, malas (prayer beads) made of skull-shaped beads are carved out of yak bone, and used as a meditation tool with which to contemplate the meaning of life and death. Here the skulls represent the inevitability of death, and the limits of human knowledge.

Shop for Skull Beads

Our skull bead collection is perfect for anyone looking to create with or wear a meaningful symbol. Though there are various interpretations of the skulls featured on these beads, skulls are a universally beautiful and treasured feature for creative designs.  

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