I Match-a My Matcha ; Inspiration From My Afternoon Drink

So little time, so matcha to love... What's your favorite afternoon pick me up or signature drink? Scroll down for a chance to WIN!

For years I was too intimidated by the Kermit-the-frog-esque color to try matcha. Not sure why because as I'm a vegetarian, I love green vegetables both on a plate or in green juice and smoothies. I'm also a huge fan of "regular" green tea, but I'd never given the powdered version of this tea a chance.
Like many good things in life, once I gave it a try, I was hooked. Nowadays I've gone so far as to trade in my afternoon iced coffee for this boldly colored caffeinated green goodness. I even add my own twist: Strawberry Puree!

I'm not even sure how I arrived at this signature drink, but I can't seem to kick my new habit. I usually get mine from Starbucks, because it's quick and easy, but I've made one at home a few times too. It's super easy and beyond delicious!

Here's a recipe that I use. Don't you love these vibrant colors together?
Iced Strawberry Match Latte from Drive Me Hungry Blog
Image credit: Drive Me Hungry
I will add though, once you stir it up, it's not so pretty. As my son, who is learning color-mixing, would say "ewww, that makes brown." 

We've taken some inspiration from this bright refresher & curated a matcha-licious selection of DIY supplies! Here are our favorites:

I Match-a My Matcha Product Inspiration

What's your signature drink? We want to hear what fuels your tank, and maybe even gives you color inspiration! To say thank you so matcha for sharing, we're giving away $5 Starbucks gift cards to the first 10 people who comment below!



  • Carter

    Hi Lori-
    Can’t go wrong with that colorful cocktail!
    We agree! And check your email shortly for a little treat from us! Thanks for supporting WSW!🍹

  • Carter

    Acee, I LOVE Chai too, but not one that’s too sweet. My fave is a Dirty Chai…. iced or hot. Mmmmm 😋. Thanks for sharing, and check your email for a little treat from us ;-)

  • Acee Berryhill

    I love chai, so hot in the cold months or frozen chai latte in the warm months. I can also get chai shaved ice year round where I live. Yum!

  • Lori Newman

    I love a cosmopolitan!

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