Will you help us support children in Ukraine?

War is devastating for everyone… especially children. Help us send support to the children of Ukraine through Voices of Children.

They’re a non-profit organization that provides psychological and psychosocial support to children in Ukraine. It’s about helping children overcome the consequences of the violence.

Voices of Children is also assisting with evacuations.

Now through March 22, we’re donating 50% of profits to Voices of Children. That’s for all purchases.
Donations will be shared via our Instagram stories for transparency.

To show solidarity we’ve put together a themed bead collection for Peace in Ukraine… which you can see here:

Yellow & Blue Peace in Ukraine Bead Grab Bag, to support the children of Ukraine




    HI Ginny-
    We are constantly making charitable contributions to various organizations; as the need still very much exists in Ukraine, our donations this month will continue to go to Voices of Children. 💙 Follow along on our Instagram stories for screenshots of our donations. Thanks for checking in on this!⭐️

  • Ginny Monsma

    It is now April…have you extended your charity efforts, or does my purchase not help the children now?

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