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Skull beads and skulls in general can symbolize many things, depending on the cultural heritage of the wearer and even the way that the skull is displayed. For instance, when these are used in prayer, it helps reaffirm and reassure the wearer, alleviating any fears they may have surrounding death. Skulls may also be worn as a means of protecting the wearer from hidden dangers, hazards, or warnings, and many people wear skulls to remind them to live in the moment because we won’t be here forever.

Our skull bead collection provides a glimpse into deities that honor the symbol in different ways. These may have many various interpretations, but it is universally a cool and chic theme for jewelry and crafting ideas.  Utilize, display, and wear our these proudly in your next creation- this selection is unsurpassed.

Types of Skull Beads We Carry

Have you checked out our skull bead collection online? We think you will find the perfect skull bead to complete your craft or jewelry project. We offer quality, responsibly sourced bone, sterling, brass, and wood options to our valued consumers. Our beading is hand cast, hand carved, and handcrafted for quality, longevity, and distinction.

Bone beads have been used for centuries and we pride ourselves on the selection that we offer our online patrons. The earliest cultures used bone for ornamental pieces and decorative jewelry; there is an inherent beauty in the history of these bone beads that brings a certain panache to whatever you use them with.

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Fun Crafts & Jewelry You Can Make with Skull Beads

What will you make with your skulls? If you are looking for some easy inspiration, check out online crafting platforms and consider skull-inspired bracelets, which are simple to make and stylish to wear. There are also some ideas for pendants and earrings that are beginner-friendly projects, perfect to inspire young crafters. Skulls can be used to accent some natural wood or stone options, or you could string skulls for the body of your piece, creating a distinctive item that makes a great gift.

Also, don’t underestimate the potential revenues that your skull themed craft ideas could bring. There is always an online market for handcrafted, one-of-a-kind jewelry, and there is an emerging trend for accessories that are ‘Day-of-the-Dead’ inspired. Day-of-the-Dead has its roots in Mexico, so use bold, vibrant color for your own beaded pieces. Remember that even though the Day-of-the-Dead is dark, it is also a celebration of the life that we have, are, and will live. Intricate, carved bone beads in shades of blue, pink, and orange are a great marriage with your natural or ivory bone skulls; add a pom or tassel for more texture and flair.

Where Our Skull Beads are Sourced

We source our beading responsibly and ethically, so you can feel good about buying from us. We hold family values dear and are proud to offer the products from artisans across the globe. These will intrigue and fascinate you, representing an evolution of creativity that has somehow made it into your hands.

The symbol of the skull is powerful; it can mean many different things to different people. What does it mean to you? Bring your creative vision to life with the perfect beading; from hand carved bone to hand cast metal, our selection of skulls will be exactly what you are seeking for your own project. We put customer satisfaction above all else and are a family-owned company, offering quality beads that are sourced ethically. Visit to see our options today!