Wood Beads

Throughout history, these have served as a powerful spiritual symbol. We honor the varying reasons why anyone might need wood beads, by providing quality options at affordable prices. We use natural wood from around the world, including Balsa, Olive, and Sandalwood, for a wide range of colorful and diverse varieties that will suit each and every need, including prayer and meditation, arts and crafts, as well as style and fashion. Add our quality tassels and poms for distinctive necklaces, prayer beading, and Malas that are unlike any other.

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What Wooden Beads Represent

Wondering what these symbolize or represent? That all depends on who you ask; many different religions and cultures use these varieties in different ways, so the deeper meanings may vary. Typically, options can be found in several different hues and color variations ranging from very-light to dark, and since they are porous, they can easily be stained or painted. You can also saturate and darken wooden these with fragrant essential oils, which can add therapeutic elements to a meditative practice. Different types of woods also offer various energies, such as Rosewood fostering feelings of love, empathy, and spirituality. Looking to be a more compassionate person? Use or wear Rosewood during daily meditation or prayer. Additionally, the colors can influence the energy that it brings to your practice.


The Special Meaning of Wooden Bead Bracelets

There is something carefree and Bohemian about wooden bead bracelets. They often bring a natural, and universal vibe to an outfit or look, but can actually hold a much deeper meaning. The significance of wood bead bracelets makes these an essential accessory, while still being aesthetically stylish, timelessly. Wood bead bracelets are often believed to represent creativity and liberty, and as a result these are often shared among those practicing New Age spirituality. Many bead bracelets have tassels or poms, and often are used for meditation, prayer, and yoga practices. A knotted thread serves as a vehicle for the wood options which can be worn, handled, and used for focus during recitations, chants, or mantras. This physical action can help improve concentration, and provide a deeper sense of relaxation and connection. Some bracelets even feature charms that convey additional meanings, like adding a cross for a prayer bead bracelet. These items are often considered to be lucky, so a lucky bracelet seems like a perfect accessory for both male and female wearers. Add an expandable band for sizing flexibility and these make the perfect gift for anyone that you want to share good fortune and positive energy with. Wood bracelets can make daily mantras, prayers, and meditation easy and convenient, as they are always at your wrist.


Customize Your Wooden Beads

You can enjoy the natural beauty of these or do something to embellish and adorn them. Many buyers paint each individual bead to make distinctive gifts and unique Malas that have meaning. When you paint your wood beads, use a simple acrylic paint that is easily cleaned up with water, and seal with a finishing spray or varnish to seal your painted bead. It helps to use a skewer with tape to hold the bead in place while painting. Try different painting techniques like marbling, to give your jewelry a cool, Bohemian vibe. Personalize it with letters, motifs, or monograms, too.


High Quality Wooden Beads From Local Artisans

Regardless of whether you are looking for wooden beads for their calming qualities, to utilize in your meditation and yogic practice, or simply want to craft a beautiful piece of jewelry, WomanShopsWorld has a wide range to choose from. All of our beads are ethically sourced from local artisans, created with care and years of traditional methods, so you can trust that the materials you will be working with will be of the highest quality. View our inventory, or contact us for more information.

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