Purple (Violet) Color Beads Collection

If you like expressing your creativity in a way that inspires awe and delivers unique products, you will need to seriously consider the quality and pigment of the materials you use. For many years, beads have been used to add fine details and decorations to jewelry, artwork, and household ornaments.

They not only add to the eye-appeal of the object but also increase its value. At Woman Shops World, we stock a broad range of bead collections to make your work easy so you can focus on creating your beautiful pieces.

Our purple bead collection features high-quality materials, allowing you to add a touch of royalty to your creations. However, before you buy and use these beads, it is important to learn a few things about the color. 

History of the Color

The roots of purple, an intermediate between red and blue, can be found in piety, mythology, art, and royalty. Although it is relatively rare in nature, violet has always been considered scared. Throughout history, it has been one of the most coveted and expensive colors, coming across as a symbol of wealth and power.

As a hue associated with royalty, laws were developed to protect its use. In art, violet pigment appeared for the first time in the Neolithic era. Here, prehistoric artists used the pigment to draw and paint animals on the walls of their caves. In certain communities, violet was used to enhance romantic scenes, with pictures being flooded with sensual purples and bright violets.

Purple has also been associated with social change, including the right to vote for women, LGBT issues, and artistic change. It is also a phenomenon of modern politics, one that balances the assertiveness of red ties with the compassion of blue ones.

The Psychology of the Color

Due to the fact that violet is the result of mixing red and blue together, it is considered the balancing hue of the psychologies of red and blue. It balances the intensity and energy that red brings with the relaxation and stability linked to blue.

As such, it is commonly associated with power, luxury, creativity, magic, and wisdom. However, different shades of the color have different connotations. While light purple is said to have a more feminine energy, dark purple is often associated with sadness and frustration. There are also brighter tones, which is closely linked to royalty and wealth.

Purple can sometimes appear exotic or artificial since it does not often occur commonly in nature. As such, while some people really love it, others really hate the color


How the Color Purple Makes People Feel

Generally, purple makes people feel creative. It often represents royalty, wealth, creativity, and mystery. The lighter shades are used in beauty products since they have a soothing or calming effect.

Purple is also used to show romance and add a more luxurious look to a design. In short, the hue of royalty is one that is considered regal, sensual, soothing, and a pigment that conveys wisdom. With the symbolism and unique visual characteristics of the color, it makes for a good way to express your creativity.

Purple Beads for Your Jewelry

If you are looking to bring out your creative side, while making your work look rich and luxurious, you should consider using the violet bead collection. Woman Shops World makes it easy for you to access the full collection so you can meet the needs of your customers.

Beads in a full range of shades and hues are available for your work, meaning that you can create a piece that communicates the energy or idea of your choosing. Take a look at the beads we have available, and bring some royalty or wisdom to your piece.