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"Color is my day-long obsession, joy and torment." - Claude Monet

Color rules my world.  It not only fuels my creativity, but it has an effect on everything from my mood, to the food that I crave, to the next collection of WSW products.  I find that just dabbling in color for a few minutes can completely satisfy my creative urge.  The time that I'm able to devote to jewelry making is slim to none these days, but that's fine; there's a time and place for everything in life.  These days, my creative urge is almost entirely fulfilled by playing with color, and that's saying a lot for someone who used to make beads and jewelry for 8+ hours a day!

Creating flatlays with the colorful products at WSW is a very meditative experience for me, and I find so many of you really resonate with my flatlays too. There seems to be a transference of energy that takes place, which is pretty magical.  There's something very zen for me in browsing our stock room, letting a color combination jump out at me, and then filling in the details from there.  I think there is also something alluring about the ephemeral nature of these flatlays. There is this crescendo of inspiration that culminates in taking photos, and then I dismantle the physical creation, so all that's left is an image.  I can't even explain why that's satisfying, but it is. Sometimes I find that taking time out from a busy day to create a flatlay like this can completely shift my mood and change the course of my entire day.

Do you find that color has a significant impact on your life?  Feel free to share your color inspirations in the comments below!



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