Sparkly Caravan Swag - Bone Beads, Tassels, Pom Poms, African Beads.
Large Tinsel Tassel Sparkly Caravan Swag
Sparkly Caravan Swag - Bone Beads, Tassels, Pom Poms, African Beads.
Large Tinsel Tassel

44" Large Tinsel Tassel Sparkly Caravan Swag for Sale

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Detail & Features

Large Tinsel Tassel Sparkly Caravan Swag

These colorful, shimmery swags are not for the faint of heart!  Made of long tinsel strands, they are perfect for party decor, celebrations, breezy settings, and all around good times!

Accent colors and the cone color at the top might vary from what you see here, as no two are alike.  

Total length is approximately 44" 
Tassel portion - approx. 30"
Pom Pom - approx. 2"
Cone - approx. 4"
Black string - approx. 8-9"

Traditionally, these are used to decorate trucks and other modes of transportation in India.  During Divali, the annual celebration of light and color, which is a lot like our New Year’s celebration, truck drivers deck out their trucks to honor of the vehicles that bring them their livelihood.  

It is part of Indian culture to decorate and adorn those things which are important to you.  These shimmering tinsel tassels are part of the annual “swagging" ceremony.  Most of the trucks that you see on the road in India are covered in these or similar tassels and decorations.  They hang from mirrors, doors, bumpers, etc, and blow in the wind while the colorfully painted trucks rumble down the road. 

Note: these, like all goods that I sell, are handmade.  They quite literally come from a truck stand on the side of the dusty road in India.  They are not a product of fine craftsmanship, but they make a beautifully bold bohemian statement.  Some of them show a bit of wear on the cone part at the top, and are a bit faded at the top part of the tinsel, because they have been hanging in the sun.  This does not at all detract from their fabulousness, and it's hardly noticeable.  Considering these sparkly beauties normally hang from a truck for days or years on end and get beaten by the wind, weather, and dust, it doesn't take any of the life out of the tassel.

A portion of all WSW sales will be donated to The Compassion Collective, which works to feed, clothe, shelter, and save our refugee and homeless sisters, brothers, and children in the US and worldwide.

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