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A tiered arrangement of black Pom Poms makes a perfectly dramatic statement that you can hang from almost anything.  These are perfect for jazzing up a lamp, a dresser, a wall, or even for party decor.  And they are perfect conversation pieces; read on to find out why!

Traditionally, these are used to decorate trucks and other modes of transportation in India.  During Divali, the annual celebration of light and color, which is a lot like our New Year’s celebration, truck drivers deck out their trucks to honor of the vehicles that bring them their livelihood.  It is part of Indian culture to decorate and adorn those things which are important to you.  These tiered tassels are part of the annual “swagging" ceremony.  Most of the trucks that you see on the road in India are covered in these or similar tassels and decorations.  They hang from mirrors, doors, bumpers, etc, and blow in the wind while the colorfully painted trucks rumble down the road.

These measure approximately 24" from top to bottom.  The loop measures 8". Individual pom poms measure approximately 2.5".


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