Our silky jewelry tassels add the perfect luxurious touch to handmade jewelry and other accessories. Ethically handmade by our artisan partners in India, and available in multiple lengths and 75+ coordinated colors.

    Silk Tassels Collection

    There are several ways that people can get in touch with their creative side. One option involves arts and crafts. Working a different part of the brain can be helpful from time to time. At Woman Shops World, we carry a wide range of products that everyone can use to get more creative. This includes our Silky Tassels Collection. Learn more about our high-quality products below!

    Types of Silk Tassels We Carry

    At Woman Shops World, we take great pride in the wide variety of silk tassels that we carry. Our goal is to provide all our customers with the best quality options in the business. Some of the most popular silk tassel that we carry include:
    • Silk tassels that are designed to be hung on refrigerators and uses pendants
    • Silk options that are made from high-quality silk from India
    • Bulk packages that are perfect for numerous arts and crafts projects
    • Tassels that come in all different colors, allowing everyone to tailor their's to meet their individual preferences
    • High-quality silk tassels that are embroidered with unique patterns that are perfect for eclectic projects
    • Designer options that are perfect for clothing and other intricate works of art
    These are just a few of the numerous options that we carry. We encourage all our clients to explore all our products so that they can find one that meets their needs. There are several ways that everyone can challenge themselves to get in touch with their creative abilities.

    Fun Crafts and Jewelry You Can Make with Silk Tassels

    There are several benefits that come with using them for arts and crafts projects. One of the great benefits of using these is that they are incredibly versatile. Everyone who uses these can make fun arts and crafts projects, including jewelry, out of them. There is no end to the possibilities when it comes to Silks hassle. Some of the most popular arts and crafts projects that can be completed using tassels include:
    • Making a colorful bed skirt out of silk tassels
    • Creating hoop and tassel earrings to add a bit of personal style and flair to an outfit
    • Creating decorative garland using numerous silk tassels of different styles and colors
    • Making a bright, fancy infinity scarf using castle that will make the outfit pop
    • Creating a beautiful color that looks like a bow
    • Adding an intricate edge to a towel using colorful silk options
    • Creating a unique necklace using tassels of different colors
    • Making a beautiful phone charm out of a tassel
    These are just a few of the many projects that are available to those who put these to use. One of the most attractive parts of using silk tassels is that there is no wrong way to use them. Everyone has their own personal style and playing with silk tassel is a great way to get in touch with it. Now, it is time to explore where our options at Woman Shops World are sourced.
    44 products

    44 products