7 DIY Handmade Jewelry Ideas You’re Going to Love

Have you ever thought about creating your own jewelry? In addition to beefing up your own collection and looks, making your own DIY pieces has a lot of other benefits. Consider, for instance, being able to give others a gift that you made just for them- and that will become a cherished keepsake that the recipient treasures. But, what to make? Consider the benefits and versatility of various DIY ideas and give one a try today!

What are the Benefits of Making Your Own Jewelry

When thinking about the benefits of making your own jewelry, many might think first of the cost savings when it comes to making your own pieces. You will never have to spend top dollar for coordinating accessories and pieces to wear with your favorite outfits! This ability to make whatever styles, colors, and motifs you wish is another benefit of taking a DIY approach; the options are endless!

Beyond cost and customization options, a hobby like making jewelry is good for your health. It can be relaxing, meditative, and a way to express your inner creativity. Furthermore, focusing on a project like making a beaded necklace, for example, can improve your concentration as well as hand-eye coordination. Making, talking, and learning about the art is also a platform for socialization and engagement, like meeting with prospective buyers or watching vloggers that offer instruction on techniques.

It may also be that your handcrafted jewelry has the potential to earn you revenues; who might like to buy what you make? This is a hobby that is enjoyable and that does not take up much room, so you do not need a dedicated space or fancy equipment. When you make your own items, take time to demonstrate to someone else; this is a great craft to teach to kids!

7 Fun & Easy Handmade Jewelry Ideas

So, where to begin? There are many books and online tutorials that teach basic techniques and methods. Start there to find inspiration and determine what you might like to make; create a supplies list to gather before you begin your project. Start simple, follow the tutorial, and then make it your own with customization, personalization, and your own twists.

Try this seven fun and surprisingly simple ideas, for starters:

Beaded Keychains

A great first project for beginners is to make their own beaded keychains. Seed beads are tiny glass beads that can be threaded together using a needle and thread. Creating patterns, logos, and designs are fun and relaxing with these minuscule beads found in a wide range of colors. Simply add a ring fob and you have a distinctive keychain that would make a fantastic gift, too.

WomanShopsWorld offers a unique selection of Vintage French Seed beads that would add a bold and retro pop of color to your keys.



Hand Chains

If you want to make something unique and quite trendy, consider crafting your own hand chains. Hand chains are ornamental pieces worn on the wrist, around the finger as well, creating a distinct fashion statement. These are often chain links, broken up by stones, gems, or beads. Try the piece on periodically while making it to ensure it fits comfortably and lays on your hand properly.

Macrame Anklets

Do you remember making macramé pieces at summer camp? Bring back that memory by making your own macramé anklets. These are great to wear to the beach, or all summer when you frequently wear sandals or shorts. Check out YouTube for great videos of how to make these Bohemian fashion accessories.

WomanShopsWorld specializes in bone beads, that have a 2mm large hole, making them perfect for making macrame anklets and other macrame crafts. We work direclty with the artisans who make these beads in India, in an ethical fashion, using techniques that date back hundreds of years.

Beaded Bracelets

Another great project for beginners is beaded bracelets. This also provides a fun opportunity to choose, design, and plan how you will craft and construct the piece. Consider stone or glass beads for items with heft and weight.

We offer many DIY kits if you aren’t sure where to start. These kits will include everything you need to get started making a beaded bracelet.

Beaded Bracelet

Distinctive Pendants

The sky's the limit when it comes to making your own distinctive pendants to wear with cord, chains, or twine around your neck. For example, wire wrap a raw stone or bead; this is a great project for beginners. You can also buy wire ‘cages’ or bead bails for stones or beads that can then be attached to a cord and worn.

We also offer a wide selection of pendants and large beads that could be worn as a pendant.

Shell Bracelet

Try using shells in a handmade idea that is beach-inspired and nautical. Men and women both enjoy showcasing their favorite shells in a macramé style bracelet that only looks better the more that it is worn!

In addition to real shells, WomanShopsWorld offers cast shells that are made from metal, making them extra durable and strong. Many trendy summer pieces are made from Cowry Shells and our puka shell charms are enameled, making them in fun colors! These whimsical and beachy shell pendants will take you back to the pieces you wore during camp days, so many people call it Camp Jewelry. Shop our selection of Camp Jewelry components here.

Simple Rings

Once you have your beading technique down pat, it is time to make something really special: a beaded ring. These are quick to make, and you only need seed beads and thread, essentially.

Ready to get started making your own pieces? All you need is some basic supplies, including a pair of pliers, beads, wire, and simple findings- all easily and affordably obtained at a crafting site or retail venue. Invest a little into a hobby that will pay you back ten-fold in benefits, perks, and satisfaction; consider making your own DIY jewelry today!

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