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Glass beads can be used to create all kinds of arts and crafts, especially jewelry. The endless variety of colors and shapes that they can can be formed into make them extraordinarily useful in producing hand-crafted wearable masterpieces of your own. Brightly-colored options with striking yellow, green, blue, or red hues can add a powerful visual appeal to any kind of jewelry you might want to create.

More subtle colors such as magenta, rose, or aqua can be used to create more elegant and more subdued pieces, which can be worn on more formal occasions. These can also be used in conjunction with crystal , bone, or gemstones to create an impression of extreme luxury and style. Glass options which are offered for sale by WomanShopsWorld are all ready to be strung onto your specific creations.

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Types of Glass Beads We Carry

In our glass bead inventory, we offer both standalone options, as well as those which have already been assembled into fine hand-crafted pieces by artisans from around the world. For instance, many of our Ghana options can be worn as-is; they are strung in a loop which makes it easy to simply put them over your head and be instantly accessorized. 

You might be interested in options for the radiant colors they emit. If your eye is attracted to really colorful material, you might love working with our Rainbow Nougat African glass, which are strung in a rainbow of stunning colors that will make them easy to match almost anything!

If your tastes run to the more subtle, you might really like working with our crème brûlée Vintage Czech Pearl options, which have a subtle beige coloring that's ideal for usage in jewelry pieces. Some of our Ghana options are a golden bronze color that you might find ideal for creating jewelry pieces that have metal components in them too. The metallic sheen on these gives them a very classy look.

For beads that are little fancier, and have more details, you may want to work withour collectible Vintage Pastel Yellow Snake Chevron beads, which are shaped like snake bones, hence the name. If you really want to get fancy, you could try our Tiny Bottlecap pendant with Carnelian Chips to create something truly extraordinary and magical, with a one-of-a-kind look that will dazzle your friends and relatives. 

For an old-school look, you might want to try our Blue Gooseberry Antique oval options, or our Antique Green Vaseline African Trade options, all of which have grooved exteriors with their own very distinctive retro look. With any of these selections, you will have the opportunity to create some truly extraordinary jewelry, which will last a lifetime and be a constant source of pride and satisfaction.

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Fun Crafts & Jewelry You Can Make with Glass Beads

It could be that the biggest problem you have getting started with making glass bead jewelry or other crafts, is choosing the specific type you want to work with. Our WomanShopsWorld inventory is so extensive, that you might be a little overwhelmed by the tremendous variety available to you. We have everything from recycled glass to lava rock, as well as gemstone beads and artistic options with cubic zirconia varieties.

There are all kinds of different textures, colors, and styles that you can incorporate into personal jewelry items which strongly appeal to you and your sense of style. Someone who is a novice at creating these pieces might want to start with something simple like a matching set of bead earrings. The advantage of starting out like this is that your list of materials will be very small, and the assembly process itself will be fairly simple.

On top of that, you can get extremely fancy with the type of supplies that you work with, and they can be crystal or something even fancier. If it doesn't work out right the first time, you can simply start all over again until you get it exactly the way you wanted. Once you've got the hang of assembling bead jewelry, you may want to move on to something much more intricate, such as a multi-row necklace.

For this, you will need options of a smaller size, but you can use brilliantly colored options to create a truly stunning multi-row necklace, which will be a one-of-a-kind creation. You might want to try your hand at creating a stained glass bracelet, which can incorporate a number of different colors used in geometric patterns to create a contemporary piece of jewelry. 

An antique necklace might be constructed from beads which have much different shapes than any you've seen in jewelry before. You might want to choose transparent options which can add a touch of elegance to your necklace, or you may want to choose a deeply-hued type of bead which is aesthetically very pleasing. You can assemble your antique components on either a strong cord or a fine chain of silver or gold, to create your own antique masterpiece.

Where Our Glass Beads are Sourced

Geographically, our options are sourced from every corner of the globe, wherever fine artisans practice their craft. Many of our options come from the Czech Republic, Ghana, Nigeria.  Some of our vintage beads come from France. When we are purchasing newly made options, we screen our suppliers very carefully because we always want to provide the very best, which are free from defect or workmanship issues. We recognize that our customers wish to create high-quality pieces of their own, and in order to do that, they need superior beads to produce those jewelry items.

We also endeavor to ensure that all our suppliers produce their products ethically and humanely, so that we're not purchasing from undesirable sources. We make sure that our products are the best, so that the end results which you create can also be the very best, and so they can be pieces which you will always be especially proud of.