16 Fall Jewelry Trends We Absolutely Love

If you want to get the most out of your current wardrobe, you should consider adding accessories to the mix. By assessing your seasonal pieces and outfits to find new ways of wearing what you already own, and then add the latest fall jewelry trends,  you may be surprised by the fresh looks you are able to achieve. 

What Makes a Piece of Jewelry Better Suited for Fall?

There are a few features that make a specific piece best suited to being worn in the autumn or cooler seasons. Think about the types of outfits and garments that you wear during typical cool weather and activities; what is your lifestyle and regular routine like? This may also help in finding the best jewelry to buy for your own wardrobe. A few things to look for when buying pieces this fall include:

  • Is the piece chunky-enough to hold up to a turtleneck sweater or light coat? Perhaps you live in a climate that is warmer in autumn: will the piece weigh you down too much?
  • A pop of color is always a breath of fresh air during the cooler days the season.
  • Statement. While not exclusive to autumn, a great piece says a little something about the person wearing it, like birthstone accessories or something sentimental.

Want to know more? Consider these tips for fall jewelry pairing and wearing this season:

  • Cooler weather merits chunkier chains, necklaces, and rings. Try mixing metals for a fresh look.
  • Animal themed pieces are in-style and in-demand this season, from prints and patterns, like leopard, to whimsical dog-shaped earrings. If you love animals, show the world with your accessories!
  • Layering necklaces is also very in-style. Wear various metals, lengths, and gauges to create a single, stunning statement piece.
  • Rich, deep emerald, smooth jade, and sparkling peridot are all good options this autumn. Check out green sapphires and tourmaline, also, for gorgeous green gemstone options.
  • Have you heard of ring stacks? Start stacking rings- again, various colors, styles, and metals, ideally- for a look that is one-of-a-kind. Statement rings are in-style right now; create your own with a stack of rings.
  • Another style trend is to wear symbolic pieces. That is, something with meaning, motif, or a memory. For instance, wear monogram pieces representing those you love or a broach that belonged to a great-Aunt. Pieces with a story and some sort of symbolism is very cool.
  • Large big drop earrings and oversized hoops are another tip. Don’t worry about matching them; mixing it up and wearing single earrings is another style trend emerging this season.
  • Perhaps the most prudent tip is to try something new and different. Be uniquely you with the pieces that you wear.
  • Some other jewelry tips include opting for quality when purchasing pearls, chains, or gemstones. Remember that while costume pieces are fun and perfectly wearable this autumn, quality pieces are an investment that you will likely have for a lifetime. In many instances, these items gain value over time. Treat yourself to something special to serve as the focal point or showpiece of your collection.

    What Jewelry are Celebrities Wearing This Fall?

    Take a peek at some celeb styles to see what is in store for autumn. For example, fun, whimsy, and excess are back in style so go all out and layer and pair your favorite pieces! Think bulky, chunky pieces that make a statement and you have an idea of the trends hitting the runways and streets this autumn. Celebs love styles that feature pearls, mixed metals, and colorful gemstones this season. Accessorize to the max- including your shoes, with some clever and cute shoe pieces seen widely this autumn.

    Jewelry Celebrities Are Wearing This Fall

    16 Fall Jewelry Trends for 2020 We Absolutely Love

    The latest trends for accessories are exciting, and color seems to rule this autumn. These styles have versatility which makes for great wearability. Try some of these items paired with your favorite jeans and a chunky sweater, or your simple black dress and heels. These are congruent with trends being showcased by celebrities that enhance your everyday wardrobe, without necessarily costing a fortune. These looks are fun, adventurous, and bold! Less is not more this season, so go all out when it comes to your accessories.

    For style and versatility this autumn, consider investing in some of these fall trends that celebs- and we- absolutely adore:

  • Anything animal-inspired or themed
      1. Using your jewelry to make layers
  • Statement chokers
  • Pearls, in necklaces, earrings, bracelets
  • Huge hoops
  • Assymetrical or Mis-matched earrings 
  • Novelty or whimsical earrings
      1. Longer necklaces as statement pieces
  • Shoe pieces
  • Any amount of fringe 
      1. Colorful stones, gems, and mixed metals
  • Stackable rings
  • Chunky chains and chain-link
  • Rhinestones
  • Single earrings and ear cuffs
  • Diamond tennis bracelets
  • These trends are being widely embraced this autumn and the good news is you may have a lot of these pieces in your closet, armoire, or accessories box already.

    Consider Making Your Own Fall DIY Jewelry

    Are you a designer by nature? Consider crafting your own special piece with DIY jewelry tutorials and tips that make it easy to create something completely new and original. Buy beads, poms, tassels- whatever you wish- to complement your fall wardrobe. Keep in mind that handcrafted pieces also make a wonderful gift that others will keep and cherish forever.

    Consider these tips and trends to find pieces that are not only in style, but that will become statement pieces and keepsakes for seasons to come. For fantastic accessories that bring something new to the table, check out our beads, tassels, and more. We offer a broad selection of everything you need to craft your own distinctive and original jewelry and accessories. 

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