Pairs well with... Pink, Orange, Cream Bone Beads

We're crafty color lovers and totally get your color conundrums! It can be quite a challenge to find juuuuuust the right shade of pink tassel to match your pink beads. 

We had a little brainstorm while browsing our colorful studio recently. It suddenly dawned on us that it might be helpful to pair up some of our favorite beads and tassels from the shop and feature them in blog posts. This would help fellow color-loving crafters to better match up jewelry making supplies to create the perfect masterpiece!

In our minds, these jewelry making supplies are like your favorite wine and cheese pairing. In other words, they're better together. 

The idea came to us the way most creative ideas come: by chance. I had some of our new layered Pink, Orange, and Cream bone beads sitting on my desk. They were next to tassels that happened to match them perfectly.  In that moment, it occurred to me that a mis-matched pair of earrings would be really cute.

Orange bead with pink tassel on one ear, pink bead with orange tassel on the other. We've been LIVING for this color story lately, and can't imagine a better DIY Jewelry combo!

DIY Earrings for Summer
DIY these fun and whimsical earrings in 5 minutes!
Here's the video tutorial

Handmade Jewelry Color Inspiaration: Pink & Orange Bead Jewelry, DIY Tassel Jewelry
Here is what you need to make the earrings:
Saki Silver Sterling Silver Earwires | Bone Beads: Pink, Orange, Cream | Mini Jewelry Tassels with Gold Binding #'s 41 & 68.

And why stop with just 1 pair of earrings? If you're making jewelry to sell at a show, or trying to create a collection for one of your boutiques or wholesale stockists, it makes much more sense to offer several matching combinations in the same color-story, for several reasons:

  • Shoppers love to buy matching sets. Give them the opportunity to do so! Creating lots of options in the same color story gives your customer more options to buy more from you. Rather than just a pair of earrings, they will be able to also buy a bracelet or necklace to match their earrings!
  • Matching sets look more cohesive in a display case. This is wayyy more likely to make an impact and catch the eye of buyers. Think of them as bait to lure shoppers over to shop, shop, shop!
  • Often customers will only buy one thing at a time for themselves. If you offer matching sets, they have the option to come back next week to add another piece to their collection. 
  • From a creation standpoint, once you are in the flow of creating with a particular color story, it will be easier for you to create more pieces in those shades.  I bet your second, third, and fourth designs will be even better than your first one!
  • For all of you on the minimalist spectrum: if you buy a strand of bone beads that has 12 beads on it, and you only use 2 of them, you have 10 beads left just sitting around. Go ahead and use all of them. That way, you can sell all of the jewelry you just made, rather than letting your unused bead stash grow even bigger.

To inspire you with more of our current color-story crush, we pulled together some pink and orange bead and tassel pairings. Links to products are below their images.

Baker's Twine Jewelry Tassels
Our Baker's Twine Tassels come in 13 colors, including Tangerine, Fuchsia, and Pastel Pink. These shades pair well with our pink and orange color story.

Raffia Tassels for Jewelry Making
Our Raffia tassels are eco-friendly, and made from a renewable resource. Did you know that Raffia comes from the fibers of Palm Trees?! So it's a perfect material for creating fun, summery jewelry!  Our Raffia Fan Tassels  come in 12 colors, including this Perfect Pink & Peachy Pink.  Our 2.25" Raffia Tassels come in 17 colors, including Perfect Pink, Peachy Pink, and Cream.  Talk about a perfect match for making summer jewelry!

Vinyl Record Beads and African Beads for Jewelry Making
Vinyl Record Beads are always good for adding a pop of color to your handmade jewelry designs. This 4mm size is great because they can be used as spacers, or stand alone. Shown here in Pink Blush & Soft Peach.
We also love the touch of neutral that these bone-colored Masai glass beads lend to the color story. 

Pink & Orange 108 bead mala
Our 108 bead malas are a fun way to repurpose traditional prayer beads. We've created an exclusive collection of colored malas, so you can choose from 14 colors, including Orange Crush & Bubblegum Pink. As these are made of 108 beads, they can be used as prayer beads, but are also fun to wear as-is when you need a simple pop of color.

Dutch Donut Dogan Glass Beads from Mali
Dutch Donut beads are delicate, large-hole glass beads that are really fun for adding dimension to a design.  Called "Dutch Donuts" because of their donut-like shape, and because they were formed in the style of Dutch beads that were traded into Africa. They are made of glass that was wrapped around a mandrel and formed into this round shape. Shown here in Matte Pink and Matte Pumpkin Orange.

Handcrafted Bone Beads - Ethically made by artisans in India
Our handcrafted bone beads come from India, where not much is wasted. So instead of just eating the meat of an animal, every part of the animal is used: bones for things like beads, hides/hair for clothing and accessories and talismans, and the meat is consumed. 
The making of these beads and pendants provides a livelihood for families in remote villages in India, which we are honored to support and share with you.
We've numbered some of our customer favorites from the pink, orange, and cream color families:
#1: Bubblegum Disc Bone Beads| #2: Pumpkin Patch Orange Speckled Bone Beads | #3: Irish Cream Off-White Heishi Beads | #4: Orange Half-Grooved Bone Barrel Beads | #5: Pink Melon Hand-Carved Bone Beads | #6: Grooved Salmon Hand Carved Bone Beads | #7: Grooved Barrel Bone Beads in Watermelon Pink | #8: Pink Infinity Circles Bone Beads

Let us know what color story is inspiring you lately. We'd love to feature it in our next "Pairs Well With..." entry!


Want to create your own Pink & Orange magic?
Download The Art of Mala Making today!

Download your free visual tutorial: The Art of Mala Making

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