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Satisfy your inner 80's girl and get your splatter on with our splatter painted enamel carabiner locks. Versatile and trendy, these colorful carabiner locks are perfect for making DIY jewelry, or for attaching charms and chains to just about anything. Even screw multiples together to make a bracelet or necklace! Simply unscrew the lock, add on your chain ends, cords,  and/or charms, and screw back closed. Colorful, fun, and retro jewelry in a jiffy!

✨The Magic is in the Details✨
Quantity per Order: 1 Lock
Material: Copper w/ Enamel Coating
Size (Outer): 37mm tall x 22mm wide
Size (Inner): 28mm tall x 14mm wide (at narrowest part)
Opening: 3.5mm
Splatter Painted Colors : Red, Neon Pink, Orange, Neon Salmon, Butter Yellow, Electric Yellow, Celery, Turquoise Ocean, Slate Blue, Orchid, Berry, Beige Sands, Dove Grey, Black (White Splatter), Gold, White (Neon Splatter)

(All splatters are in black, except for the black carabiner, which has white splatters and the white, which has neon splatters)

✨Lock Care ✨
Enamel has a tendency to chip under the strains of everyday use. We believe that jewelry is meant to be perfectly imperfect, just like its wearer! A little bit of chipped or scuffed character can add a lot of charm!

Tips to minimize wear and tear:
Avoid wearing your lock with lots of other metal jewelry. Skinner chains and lighter metal pieces will be more delicate against your lock than large chunky metal pieces. Or try mixing it up with bone or vinyl beads for more interesting stacks!
Try not to bump into counters, tables, or other hard surfaces with your lock.
These locks don’t float, so keep them away from pools, oceans, lakes & showers.

A portion of all WSW sales will be donated to The Compassion Collective, which works to feed, clothe, shelter, and save our refugee and homeless sisters, brothers, and children in the US and worldwide.

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