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Snakes in jewelry carry many different meanings. These authentic Snake Vertebrae beads have been strung into a necklace, and can represent grounding, balance, protection, transformation, or even fertility.

Approx. Bead Size: 11x10mm (sizes vary)
Approx. Hole Size: 2-3mm
Approx. Number of beads: 55
Approx. Strand Length: 24" (18" beads, 6" adjustable parachute cord)
Color: White or Brown Beads, Black Cord
Origin: Thailand

These are the real deal! These amazing beads are made from the actual vertebrae of a snake. They interlock and move just like a snake would. These are a beautifully large size; most strands are from a continuous snake, but some have sections from more than one snake. These have been either bleached a beautiful clean white or stained an earthy shade of brown. They move so fluidly.

These beads are strung in a loop, the way they are traditionally strung in the market. They make great masculine jewelry, or they would make a really cool wall hanging. Why not break them apart and make your own tribal magic?

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