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Due to the impact of COVID-19 and increased order volumes, orders may be delayed. Click here for more details.

DIY jewelry doesn't get much easier than this! These bracelet kits provide you with what we like to call "instant craftification!"
And the best part? You can change the beads around to match your outfit or your mood. Endless possibilities!

You decide how many beads you want on your bracelet; let your beads slide around, or hold them in place with knots. 30 beads will fit an average wrist, but it's also fun to use fewer beads and let the cord show. We hand-select the beads in each kit.

How to Order
Decide which style of beads you like: 

  • Color-Lined Beads (30 beads in a repeating rainbow spectrum)
  • Solid Colored Beads (30 beads in a repeating rainbow spectrum)
  • Neon Rainbow(20 beads: 2 each of our neon rainbow spectrum.)
  • Chasing Rainbows (21 beads in an opaque rainbow spectrum & 3 milky white.)
  • Desert Glow (29 beads in Silver-lined & Gold Lined neutrals, pinks, milky white, earthy pinks, browns, and greys.
  • On Cloud 9 (27 beads in milky pink & tan, Sky Blue, Silver & Gold lined Pastel translucent shades, gold, and grey.
  • Terra (30 beads in shades of blue, green, and brown, including 4 matte neon beads, color-lined, and silver-lined.)
  • Spice (30 beads in shades of orange, milky tan, pink, and white, purple, Gold-lined, gold, hematite black, grey, and purple.
  • Earth & Sky (27 beads in a southwest palette of red, turquoise, lapis blue, milky white & tan, gold, green, and grey.
  • Lifesaver (29 beads in a translucent rainbow palette, with some silver-lined.)
  • Rosy (29 beads in a warm Autumnal palette of red, amber, metallic rose, lustery browns.)
  • Waterside (30 beads in a watery palette, including lustery blues and greens, metallic rose, greens, and earthy pastels.)
  • Jelly Beans (26 beads in a pastel palette, including shimmery pinks, blues, greens and yellows.)
  • Hocus Pocus (21 beads in an orange, white black palette.) 
  • Lavender Latte (24 beads in a soft palette including shimmery purples, pinks, browns.) 
  • Holly Jolly (30 beads in festive shades of red, green, gold & white.)

Choose your cord color:

  • Pink
  • Biscay Green
  • Black
  • Cream
  • Please select "Just the Beads" if you'd prefer to skip the cord.

Looking to make a necklace instead? Check out our other cord options.

A note on our kit contents:
The glass beads in these kits are from the Czech Republic, where the best glass beads come from. You see a lot of this style of bead around now, but most are plastic (from China), and some are wound glass (from India). We personally think these alternatives look good from afar, but we're not so happy with the quality. So we decided to go with the glass masters in the Czech Republic for our Roller Beads!

About the cords: we love the idea of being able to change the design around every day, but couldn't find the perfect cord to fit these larger hole beads. So we made one!
These are designed by and exclusively for WomanShopsWorld. 
(More colors and options coming soon!)