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You can feel the positive energy radiating from these authentic prayer beads. The center of Conch shells have been carved into a rondelle shape measuring approximately 18x12mm. The surface of each bead has been hand-carved with the traditional Buddhist mantra, "Om mani padme om," which translates into "the jewel in the lotus." These beads are made by hand in Kathmandu, Nepal.

✨The Magic is in the Details✨ 
Approx. Bead Size: 18x12mm
Approx. Hole Size: 3mm
Number of Loose Beads per Order: 4

As each of these strands is entirely handmade, there may be some variety in size. Some of the beads measure as large as 20x14mm.

Make your own spiritual jewelry or mala with these powerful beads.

A portion of all WSW sales will be donated to The Compassion Collective, which works to feed, clothe, shelter, and save our refugee and homeless sisters, brothers, and children in the US and worldwide.

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