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These 3" bone pendants have such a powerful tribal feel to them. Beautifully handmade, they are carved from bone, painted & polished to reveal a shimmery metallic pendant. These will make such great focal points for tribal and bohemian jewelry.

I designed these tusk pendants based upon traditional African bead designs and had them made in India. They are an outstanding example of the cross-cultural inspiration that takes place here at WomanShopsWorld. These pendants are handmade, so some may show small nicks or grooves. This is a true testament to their unique and bohemian nature!

These dagger pendants have a nice, slightly larger hole on them (approximately 2mm), so they would work great on smaller leather cord or hemp twine.

This listing is for one large hole pendant which is approximately 2.5" long.

Choose from Silver or Gold. Please note - the top of the silver pendants are tapered & a bit different from the other colors in this style.

Curious to know about the source of the bone?

In India and Nepal, not much is wasted. So instead of just eating the meat of an animal, every part of the animal is used: bones for things like beads, hides/hair for clothing and accessories and talismans, and the meat is consumed.

The making of these beads and pendants provides a livelihood for families in remote villages in Nepal and India, which we are honored to support and share with you.

As many of my products come from Nepal, a portion of my proceeds will be donated to the Unicef and Americares Nepali relief efforts.

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