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The rich and classic blue in these large Indigo cloths is amazing. There is something timelessly alluring about the beautiful blue of Indigo. Called "the color that seduced the world," Indigo is prominent in many African textiles.

This beautiful cloth is a nice large size, and solid blue, from Burkina Faso. This piece is made of approximately 21 strips of cloth that have been stitched together. I have several of these cloths in stock, and as you can see from the first photo, the shade of Indigo does vary some from one cloth to another. These pieces would be great for making pillows, blankets, reupholstering, making clothes, and so much more.

Textile measures approximately 66" wide x 97" long, and is made of 21 strips.

The hole that you see in it is a head hole. These are men's cloths, so they would slip it over their head, wrap it around their body from there, and tie it with the batiked strap that you see in the photos.


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