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Earlier this year, we drew some inspiration from Crayola when they launched theirColors of the Worldcrayon collection. The new hues include skin tone shades representative of people around the world. The idea is to give children the ability to "creatively and accurately color themselves into the world they see around them."

This inspired a similar idea for us here at WomanShopsWorld: The Inclusivity Jewelry Collection. We believe creativity, beading, and accessories can inspire inclusivity in an increasingly divided world. 

This collection was designed to represent people of the world and highlight how beautiful we are together. 

25% of proceeds from sales of this collection will be donated to The Conscious Kid, an education, research, and policy organization dedicated to promoting equity and healthy racial identity development in youth.  They support organizations, families, and educators in taking action to disrupt racism in young children.
Donations will be documented on our Instagram stories, in a designated Story Highlight.

All beads and charms are made from metal alloy (nickel free) and enamel. Details on each pieces are as follows:

Necklace: Interlocking wave-like beads fluidly encircle the neck in 10 skin-tone shades + gold. Slip knot at the back makes this adjustable from 17"-30".

Bracelet: Interlocking wave-like beads fluidly encircle the wrist in 10 skin-tone shades + gold. Strung on elastic, for a one size fits all design.

Evil Eye Charm: The Evil Eye is an ancient symbol hailing from Greece and Rome, though it can be found in almost every culture in the world. Wearing an Evil Eye is meant to protect one from evil glances or bad luck. This Evil Eye is made in a spectrum of skin colors with gold accents.

Evil Eye Earrings: Our Evil Eye charm turned into a pair of earrings, with Saki Silver bronze ear-wires.

Heart Charm: Our vintage-inspired heart charm in a spectrum of skin tones, with a Swarovski Crystal. Charm is 2-sided.

Heart Charm Earrings: Our heart charms turned into a pair of earrings, with Saki Silver bronze ear-wires.

✨Enamel Care ✨

Enamel has a tendency to chip under the strains of everyday use. We believe that beaded jewelry is meant to be perfectly imperfect, just like its wearer! A little bit of chipped or scuffed character can add a lot of charm!

Tips to minimize wear and tear:

Avoid wearing your enamel creations with lots of metal jewelry. You can mix it up with bone or vinyl beads for more interesting stacks!

Try not to bump into counters, tables, or other hard surfaces while wearing.

These beads don’t float, so keep them away from pools, oceans, lakes & showers.

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