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We've got some tricks up our sleeve with this fun Halloween mix! We've paired together 2 of our favorite seasonal bone bead strands with a matching tassel and pom pom set. Pale orange bone beads with a hand-carved bubble pattern are paired with chevron-like black and white bone beads.

Add in a 2" cotton orange tassel, and 2 mini 1/4" black pom poms, and you've got all you need to make some Halloween jewelry magic.

Each strand of bone beads measures approximately 8" long.
Orange Beads: 8x10mm, 7" long strand, approxiately 20 beads
Black Beads: 8x10mm, 6.5" long strand, approximately 20 beads
They have approximately a 1.5mm hole, so they are great for leather or larger cording. These natural bone beads are cruelty free.

You also get the following:
Tassel: 1 Orange, Cotton, silver binding, 2"
Pom Poms: 2 pieces, black Cotton, 1/4"
Colors: Black, Dark Orange, Light Orange
Tassels and pom poms come individually wrapped. These are superb quality! Each tassel and pom pom has a twisted loop at the top that you can string through to attach it to your creations.

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As many of my products come from Nepal, a portion of my proceeds will be donated to the Red Cross Nepal Earthquake Relief.

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