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Rare, collectible, and stunningly beautiful, these antique beads are in mint condition. When I came across these beads my heart skipped a beat. These are really rare antique Venetian glass beads, called Gooseberry Beads, named after the stripes on them that resemble an actual Gooseberry. They are made using clear glass that is striped with white glass, then pulled into cane and cut. So the white stripes are actually IN the glass, not painted on the surface.
Gooseberry beads date back as far as the 1700's.

I have never come across beads this special, or this beautiful before. They are in pristine condition, as they were found in a bead warehouse. They literally gleam.

Individual strands have approximately 25 inches of beads, approximately 57 glass beads. The center beads measure approximately 14mm, and they are mostly red and blue in the center. The beads are graduated, getting smaller towards the back of the necklace, measuring 9mm at the end. The smaller beads are green and blue on the inside.
The holes on these are approximately 1mm.

If you would like to choose your strand, please message us so send you a picture of the strands that we have in stock.

If you are interested in some of these beads loose, feel free to message and we'll do our best to accommodate your request.

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