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Shimmering and so colorful, these gemmy looking glass beads will add the perfect pop of shiny color to your creations. Such a vibrant mix of colors, these bags have a little bit of everything, from firepolish and faceted rounds, to butterflies, bicones, daggers, flowers, cushion cuts, and so much more. The perfect bead party in a bag!

✨The MAGIC is in the Details✨
Bead Sizes: Range from 3-16mm
Number of beads per bag: 125+
Weight of bag 3.5+ oz.
Hole size: .5-1mm

*Due to the random nature of grab bags, exact beads may vary from what is pictured, but you can expect to receive a great variety of shapes/colors!

⚡ ⚡⚡
Our beading elastics are perfect to string your grab bag inspired designs onto!

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